So often a conversation had something about the youngster going down to the station to what the trains. Those days are gone. Young kids today aren't able to go where they want when they want at those young ages, and then there aren't stations to go to.
Today, we adults, need to make the time to show the young child what there is out in the world that the child can learn that there's something to become interested. Otherwise' it's only what someone else let's them see on the TV programs they what.
What can we do:
It's finding the way to get a layout into a Mall for whatever time the Mall allows.
It's taking the child to the Club show. It takes effort to find the announcement in the papers or on-line.
It's sharing your own interest in trains. Take them to the "Big City" to see the passenger station and its train.
It's Taking the cild On A Train Ride, make it an event!
It's sharing the interest in model railroading by by showing and teaching and not saying "No, don't touch that!"
This is my contribution to the start of the conversation...
...let's hear from you too.