Anybody 13 ,and like norfolk southern?

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Anybody 13 ,and like norfolk southern?

  • Title says it all.
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  • 14, love NS. Also one of the best Class I paint schemes out there.


    Describing other Class I schemes:

    UP-Spongebob (UP stands for "Under Pacific")

    BNSF- Halloween

    CSX- just ugly

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  • lol so am i
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  •  oops ,i'm 15 now

  • Espee? Nah. I'm well past 13, but loved the NS then and still do. Heck, I remember when it was the Southern in my hometown. Those Tuxedo style SD-40s with the green and gold SR logos on the front made a big impression on me, as did the Southern's practice of setting the hood units up with the long hood as the front.
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  • its all about the southern pacific.
  • well i am 17 and i love the NS it is my first fav railroad next to the BNSF for class 1s but for regional definately the WSOR.
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  • if you would like to see their executive train you can email me.Ns isn't my favorite railroad but that train says"PRIDE".

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  • I'm 18, so I guess I'm a little old as well, but I definately like NS.  I really like their paint scheme for some reason, and, kill me if you must, but I love the third generation P5s that some of their locomotives have.

  •  wyomingrailfan wrote:
    Mine is 12-14-93. Today I have seen 3 NS Dash 9s, a NS ES44DC, a CP ES44AC, and a KCS Belle unit.
    Ah, a typical normal day on the old UP. JK.
    Im 19 a little old o well. I am a big BN fan but NS has sentimental value to me, because i drove the NS/BNSF transfer in downtown Memphis with a pair of NS Dash 9's. The only train i have driven so far but a dream come true non the less!
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  • Mine is 12-14-93. Today I have seen 3 NS Dash 9s, a NS ES44DC, a CP ES44AC, and a KCS Belle unit.
    Ah, a typical normal day on the old UP. JK.
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • My b-day was 1/26/94 so now i'm 14
  • UP is my favorite RR, but the eastern pick is NS.

    It's also my mom's favorite railroad.

    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!

    I'm 16. The NS is okay and I guess you could say its my favorite modern railroad, but I still prefer the Southern Railway. But hey, if the N&W hadn't merged with the Southern, then its likely the 611 and 1218 would have never been restored to operation, let alone operate in famous places like Saluda and the Loops between Old Fort and Ridgecrest.

    In fact, before Flagg Coal #75 visited the South Carolina RR Museum in October, the 611 was the last steamer to operate in the state of SC.


    Nick! :)

  • Oh, I live in north eastern Indiana and about 30 miles away from one of NS freight yard in Elhkart IN.


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