Your favorite Steam Locomotive

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Your favorite Steam Locomotive

  • I'm from Lima, Ohio, and can visit NKP 779 at Lincoln Park any time. So can you. Anything built in Lima is a personal favorite, but I'll pick the Berkshires over the SP Daylight in a photo finish.
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  • How's the 779 holding up?
  • The Guayaquil and Quito Railroad in Ecuador has a couple of pretty little 1901 Baldwin moguls, 3'6" gauge, painted in maroon with yellow trim that are just about my favorite locomotives of all time (some pix on my website, with more to come).

    I also have a soft spot in my heart for good old SOU 4501, and I love the 1920s Baldwin light decapods (Strasburg's #90 is the most famous surviving example): I wish someone would make a diecast model of one. If I could see an articulated it would be one of the early model NP Z-3 class 2-8-8-2s. And I will close this by including every surviving D&RGW 2-8-2, regardless of class or current owner: my first cab ride was in 487 on the C&TS from Osier to***bres.

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  • I'd have to give a nod to the Big Boy. Talk about power!
  • I love New York Central steam.The 4-8-2 L2C Mohawk's are my favorate,as are the 4-8-4 Niagara's The 4-6-4 HUDSON'S streamlined for the Empire State Express in silver and black will always be on my list.
  • Green and gold Georgia Southern and Florida ( Southern Railway System) 4-6-0's
    which I last saw heading the Valdosta. GA to Palatka, FL mixed train at 80 mph in the
    early 1940's.
  • The 20-40-40-20 Godzilla... Just joking. Seriously I'd have to say the UP Big Boy.

  • My favourite steam loco is the 4-8-4+4-8-4 AD60 Beyer-Garratt particularly 6029 at the Canberra Railway Museum. Here is the web address

    I am Positive that the Australian Railway Historical Society would love a whole heap on donations to get the Magnificent locomotive 6029 up and running, here is the donation site:

    Another site with awesome pics of Aussie Steam locos is

  • That would have to be Great Northern's 08 class Mikados. These were the largest Mikes ever built.

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  • Specifically, N&W A Class 1218.[:(] ( may she rest in piece, or has she ben put back together again?)

  • I guess any 4-8-4, 4-8-8-4, or 4-8-4+4-8-4
  • Does a steam rotary count ?
  • gresley 2-6-2s (green arrows) fired them on passenger& frieght they were a dream to work on.
  • My favorites are:

    Brute Power

    H8 class allegheny
    N&W Y6bs and class As
    The DM&IR yellowstones
    The UP Big boy and Challenger


    N&W J class #611
    Pennsy T1 Duplex 4-4-4-4
  • Anything that has smoke coming out of it. Not the ones that sit and rust.

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