Rail fainning in IL. Rochelle v Chicago

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Rail fainning in IL. Rochelle v Chicago

  • Hello everybody,

    At the end of the month I am driving to IL purely to watch trains. Currently I am in OH and I have decided I need a change from NS and CSX. Don't get me wrong, I like them both, I just need change in my viewing.

    So I am hoping to catch, UP, BNSF, AMTRAK, METRA, the L, the South Shore Line and perhaps a short line or two.

    Now, I am probably being greedy in what I want to see as I will arrive in IL late Friday night and leave around midday Sunday.

    My question is the following, is it worth me going to Rochell with all that I want to watch? What about Joliet?

    I have only been to Chicago once about 20 years ago when AMTRAK got stuck there over night. 

    Any tips on whether Rochell and Joliet would be worth it, or better to bypass, would be appreciated. I have heard good things about them both.


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  • Can you explain, what BNSF means?