MRR Forum Sign in Not Working via Google Chrome

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MRR Forum Sign in Not Working via Google Chrome

  • I have been having a hard time trying to sign into the forums today. I first noticed it in my university's computer lab were I had been signed out from my normal Google Chrome login for this website. When I tried logging back in, it redirected me to the login screen and still showed me logged out. I later tried it again at home, and it didn't work using my home computer on Google Chrome either. I finally was able to log into the site using Microsoft Edge.

    I don't know if Chrome is the only browser affected by this issue (I don't have any other browsers available other than Edge or Chrome to test it with). But I wanted to bring it up so the tech guys can go and look into the issue and fix it. 

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  • I, too have had login problems to for the past 10-12 days or so.

    I tried logging in from:
    - Macs (several, running different versions of the Mac OS
    - Windows (running under emulation on my Mac
    - Android (from a tablet)
    Nothing worked.

    What I discovered is that if one is not a paid subscriber to Kalmbach, one has almost no way of contacting anyone to obtain login help, or even notify "those who are in charge" that a problem exists.

    I eventually DID find an email address to which I could send a request for help, but got back pretty much a canned response.

    Although it looks like that perhaps my email DID get forwarded to the webmaster (or someone with direct control over the logins), because suddenly today... I'm able to get back in.

    So.. thanks to whomever fixed the login problems.

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