Favorite Diesel Engine Sound

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Favorite Diesel Engine Sound

  • Grew up with an EMD and occasional FM's, so the Alco's on the GB&W always sounded so different to me-they stick in the memory.
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  • Yeah, the only MLW/ALCO's i remember were the CN M420 M636 and the HR412 and the HR616. And the CP C630 and C424 Big Alco's. Never was privileged to witness what Greg McDonnell got to see living in Ontario. Though the SMNR in Morris still has an M420 and an HR412[:)]
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  • My favorite modern diesel engine noise? The GE AC6000CWs powerplant wins my vote, since it sounds like an Alco- on steroids! Tongue [:P] All time? The 18 cylinder 251-D in CP 4744, the one and only M640, which I had the privilege of hearing at Toronto too many years ago- nowWink [;)]THAT was something!Tongue [:P]
  • Nothing can replace the hum of the F40. It's too much of a classic workhorse!
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  • You all got to be kidding me............ A dash 9, hahhahaahaa.

    SD45 all the way!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The Minnesota Power 45 tonner. Its compressor is awesome! Sounds like a drum solo!

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  • Any GE chugga-chugga!
  • An SD40-2 switching cars is one of the best sounds ever. On the other hand, the sound of 3 or 4 GE widecabs on the point of long manifest freight is pretty great too.[;)][tup]
  • Hey Jokestre!! You make me HOMESICK!!  I used to watch the trains on the Moffat tunnel line all the time at Winter Park.  I miss Colorado SO badly!!  I agree with you, I have heard SD40T-2's on the Tennessee pass, before Phillip Anschutz made such a mess out of the old Denver and Rio Grande Western!!  I'd hear them go thru the tunnel at the summit of Tenessee Pass, while at a huge campout at Camp Hale in 1985!!  A year later I moved to Colorado.  I sure miss it!! 
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  • i love the sound of a GE idling. more specifically, the "tsssss...BWOOOOVVVVVVVV" they do sometimes. it just sounds really neat.

    i also love the sound of the 645 and the SD90MAC engine. those big macs sound like jets when they power up. it's so neat!

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  • SD40-2s or a GE AC6000CW
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  • The ALCO turbochargers in the former Alton S-2's and RS-1's that switched GM&O's Brighton Park coach yard in the 1960's.  I heard them many times when I was at my grandmother's house a block south.


  • I Love the sound of SD-45s turbo charged in a pair. You saw that all the time on WC. I can reconize it any where. The hum of the motor, you can here far before you see the train. 20 cylinders of pure power.
  • I love SD40-2's idk why, I just love that sound. Mike
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  •  My favorite train sound is the AMD-103 its horn is loud when it approaches the Grade Crossing and echos when it passes the Grade Crossing.