Favorite Diesel Engine Sound

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Favorite Diesel Engine Sound

  • I thought would replace the sound of the RS-23 hauling a train up the 3%
    grade from Harbour Station to the reversing falls till NBSR aquired the SW-1200,s
    as they growl like a lion and purr like a kitten.they were modified for hump service
    so can haul loads.

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  • I like them all but Dash 9 has cool sound driving i go back and forth from st cloud to Becker and that is 30 miles on HWY 10 and the BNSF track runs all the way from staples to twin cities anyways it is cool when when the train is moving the same way i am going i get up to the engines like the other day 4 dash 9 engines hooked up pulling a load the engines were rumbling down the track i rolled the windows down in my car what a sound and then the air horns blasting at all the crossings.
  • The best engine sound is the sound of the SD90MACH II. You can really hear the serious power of the twin trubo 16V265H engine at throttle 8. It roars like a beast. Even at idle u can hear and feel the power of that 425,000lbs diesel.
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  • QUOTE: Originally posted by tpatrick

    First generation EMDs with the 567 engine had rythmic rumble that David P. Morgan called a "chant." It was one of the most seductive sounds in all railroading.

    The two-stroke early EMD's...the 567 and th 645 defined the sound of railroad diesels for several generations of railroaders, myself included.

  • sound...is good.
  • I will never forget the sound of EMD 567s starting a train from a dead stop[:p]!
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  • Nothing like the ugly sound of an ugly GE.
  • Nothin like SP Flare 45's and SD40's, in run 8, working up hill around the curve at Woodford CA! [:D][:D]
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  • Dash-9
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  • The sound of an FM TrainMaster from the first bi-level coach running through the tunnels south of San Francisco[:)].
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  • [:D] EVERY locomotive sounds GREAT! BUT, having said that, the sound of a RS-18 kicking cars in Walkley yard in Ottawa - when it was a C.N.R. property - with me at the throttle was the finest sound a person could enjoy - BAR NONE!!!!
  • I was thinging, model trains & that would be the H/D ALCO-44, with the two levels of sound. 'HUB'
  • The Cab Sound of the Dash-9
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by espeefoamer

    I love the sound of a set of SD45s climbing the Tehachapis![:D]

    I like the sound of SD45s too, except I like the sound of twenty cylindar 645s on the Montana Rail Link in helper service, PUSHING trains up the grueling Mullan Pass! [:D]

    The blub blub blub of an Alco is a neat sound...
    Trains are AWESOME!!!

  • Definitely for new diesels, the GE AC4400CW, gotta like the chug-n-bark sound, though i've never actually heard a CP SD90MAC II yet? For older diesels, hmmm, no-brainer. I used to enjoy in the 80's seeing AIA-AIA GMD1's with that beautiful sound of the 567C engine, cruising down CNR branches with strings of 40" foot grain boxes or later 80's Manitoba Government Buffalo grain Boxcars. These days you don't see many GMD1's on branches, especially AIA trucked ones, though if you go to the Forks in Winnipeg to railfan, you may catch the odd one on the CN main line. Though on the CEMR you can still see GP9rm's running long hood forward the odd time.[;)]
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