Trackside with Erik and Mike Vol. 4 - March 22, 2004

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Trackside with Erik and Mike Vol. 4 - March 22, 2004

  • Number 2 has the best angle and the best for viewing showing an action. It is photo that I would submit for pay, to any of my customers.
  • I voted for # 2 because it shows a better sky, and the lighting is generally more dramatic.

    Since both shots used a 1/800 exposure, this really shows the differences of the other settings. Was this done on purpose?

    I think the "white sky" effect is the problem I deal with most often, not only in train pictures, but any outdoor shot.
  • [tup] Enjoyed both photo's. I went to school in western Michigan and remember that during the winter you could go a whole week and never see the sun. I liked both shots, but voted for #2. Thought the heads on shot was more dramatic. The sky had better coloring and the ditch lights gave it more focus.
  • Going for #2 this week. I liked the distortion of the trees from the top of the engine, and I also liked seeing the mile post number......

    I don't know why, but those mile posts next to the train always look so cool.
  • It was a really tough choice, but after much deliberation, I went for Photo 1.
  • I thought both photos were very good. I voted for #2 for reasons mentioned above, but particularly because the long lens compressed the cars behind the engine, really giving the effect of POWER!
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  • QUOTE: Originally posted by Bergie

    QUOTE: Originally posted by railpac

    Love those head on shots, had to go with #2. And not saying that your photos are bad, because they are really good, but you guys really should find sunnier days to shoot on, it really enhances the photo. [snip]

    Find sunnier days... you're funny, railpac. You've never been to Milwaukee between the months of September and April, have you? [:D] Sun is a premium here, and Mike always chases it away. [:o)]



    We had plenty of sun at lunchtime today... but no trains! While it's true that I've been known to bring on the gloomy weather, I think this "no trains" jinx rests squarely on Bergie's shoulders [:)]
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  • I liked #1 better, only because #2 seemed a little dark to me.

  • Number 2, definitely. This is not just a tele vs. wedgie issue. The tree poking up behind the train in photo number 1 was distracting and should have led the photographer to choose a different location or angle.

    And too bad we can't manufacture sunshine when we need it! :)
  • I like photo one because it showed a good side veiw of the engine.

  • Hey Erik congratulations on the new addition! Both pictures were great had a hard time deciding finally went with No.2!
  • I voted for number 2 because the telephoto compressed prospective. It makes number 2 look a little more dramatic.

  • Photo 2.
    As stated by others, the lights seemed to bring the loco into better focus. Unlike another post, I thought photo 1 was darker and did not quite have the interest. That tree out of the rear of the unit didn't help either.
    Having said that, the trees in photo 2 are not the same distraction due to being more uniform along the length of the unit and the blurring of the exhaust. Liked that effect.

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  • I like both photos, and I take photos like both, but I preferred #1 over #2 since the headlights/ditchlights are less distorted. The background tree is not THAT distracting, and I can see (some of) the second unit.

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