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Weekend Photo Fun - September 23rd through September 25th, 2022

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Weekend Photo Fun - September 23rd through September 25th, 2022
Posted by SeeYou190 on Friday, September 23, 2022 12:02 AM

Living the dream and happily modeling my STRATTON AND GILLETTE Railroad in HO scale. The SGRR is a freelanced Class A railroad as it would have appeared on Tuesday, August 3rd, 1954, in my personal fantasy world of plausible nonsense.

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    January 2017
  • From: Southern Florida Gulf Coast
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Posted by SeeYou190 on Friday, September 23, 2022 12:03 AM

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new weekend!

This week my share is really something amazing. Not for what it is, but for how I got it.

The Model Railroading community can really be a great bunch of people.

Last week, I took a trip to Gulf Coast Model Railroading in Sarasota. I bought a great kit while I was there, and spent some time discussing all things with the shop personnel.

I mentioned that I really needed (wanted) to get a Fine Scale Miniatures Water Wheel from the McKenzie Milling Kit, but I keep getting outbid when one shows up on eBay, and Railroad Kits does not offer it as a detail part.

One of the people in the store overheard me. He brought the part I needed to the shop, and they guys sent it down to me.

What a great surprise to find in the mail box.

-Photographs by Kevin Parson

How amazing was that? Now I have the water wheel to add to my Scale Structures Limited Toadsuck Cannery kit and complete the scene.

People really can be amazing.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's photographs this weekend. This thread can always be counted on to be the best of the week.



Living the dream and happily modeling my STRATTON AND GILLETTE Railroad in HO scale. The SGRR is a freelanced Class A railroad as it would have appeared on Tuesday, August 3rd, 1954, in my personal fantasy world of plausible nonsense.

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Posted by dti406 on Friday, September 23, 2022 11:04 AM

Good morning from sunny and mild Northeast Ohio!

Kevin, thanks for starting us out, as you have found out most modelers are really helpful and it is what makes this a great hobby.

Managed to finish up a couple of cars this week.

First up is an old AHM PS Covered Hopper, where I removed a lot of the cast on parts and replaced them with new ladders and wire replacements along with a Plano Roofwalk, airline slung under the sill and A-line Sill steps. Car was painted with Scalecoat II MofW Gray Paint and lettered with Mask Island Decals. Could not find out what the cars were used for and car was done per a Mont Switzer article in Mainline Modeler.


Next is an IMRC R70-20 Mechanical Reefer kit, painted with Scalecoat II White and Black Paints then lettered with Microscale Decals. After the breakup of PFE the SP painted their cars white from the previous orange. The only differing item in the paint scheme was that the logo was in different colors (this one is purple).

A pair of Athearn SD-45's with a general freight headed by a pair of R70-20 Reefers at the Strongsville Club layout which will be open on Saturday for the Historical Society Harvest Festival.

Thanks for looking!

Rick Jesionowski

Rule 1: This is my railroad.

Rule 2: I make the rules.

Rule 3: Illuminating discussion of prototype history, equipment and operating practices is always welcome, but in the event of visitor-perceived anacronisms, detail descrepancies or operating errors, consult RULE 1!

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Posted by Southgate 2 on Saturday, September 24, 2022 12:28 AM

Cool story, Kevin, and what a nice surprise. People can be amazing!

Rick, amazing work as usual on the freightcars. What a difference adding some fine details makes to a train set car with good proportions. 

Well, the weather is cooling off and the days are definitely getting shorter, driving me to the great indoors, and past my summer RR mental block.

I got a surprise in the mail a couple months ago from my cousin back east. He knows I'd been trying to make a static grass applicator, with unimpressive results.

So he surprised me with...


A Woodland Scenics applicator! Whaddaya, know, it works, too!

I knew this barren hill has long needed some signs of life. 


That's the initial application of grass, WS 4 mm light green. There'll be more colors and lengths mixed in, but even this helps.

Also something else is going on in that picture. I've had this scratchbuilt small carshop (looks more like an enginehouse) for a couple decades, a copy of one I lost in a fire. 

Well, the RR knew it had outlived it's purpose, even though it was in good shape. It was taking up valuable space more suited to a bigger shop. An employee leaked the plans of it's demise to the local Historical Society, who immediately raised a stink. The ever frugal farmer up on the hill came to it's rescue, proposing an offer to set it up on his property, in plain sight to the public from the road. 

His offer was accepted, but it was stipulated that he couldn't make any significant changes to it's appearance, and keep the basic structure intact. No prob! Since it already had a loft, it would still do nicely as a barn...  

Interior shot taken some time ago (yeah, sitting crooked on it's foundation):


It's just mocked up for now. Does this story fly? it allows me to use the structure that otherwise doesn't fit anywhere else on the layout, and saves me having to build a barn.Smile, Wink & GrinDan


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Posted by "JaBear" on Saturday, September 24, 2022 2:39 AM

Shed by Bear, on Flickr

Southgate 2
Does this story fly?

It’s certainly flies for me, Dan, and there’s enough actual examples here in NZ, at least.
This goods shed (freight house) on the right, started its life at Wedderburn on the NZR Otago Central Branch Line and after the branches closure in 1990 was moved to a local sawmill. After the mills closure, it was moved again and became a shed on a farm. With the establishment of the Central Otago Rail Trail, the locals had a “whip around”, bought the shed and moved it back to the site of the Wedderburn yard.
Wedderburn by Bear, on Flickr
Cheers, the Bear.Smile

"One difference between pessimists and optimists is that while pessimists are more often right, optimists have far more fun."

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    August 2020
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Posted by Southgate 2 on Saturday, September 24, 2022 3:29 AM

Bear, your reply reminded me of a local example of preserving and moving a RR building, and it's not wood, but STONE! The Depot in the linked article.

Scroll down in this article to see it

Oregon Trunk Railroad Depot: Historic Train Station in Bend Oregon - HubPages

And dont worry about the tractor, the pit will be closed over in the barn.Smile Dan

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Posted by gmpullman on Saturday, September 24, 2022 6:59 AM

Thank you for the Kickoff of another fine WPF, Kevin!

Great contributions by all, folks! What a lucky break to find your water wheel, Kevin. It is amazing to see how often water power was used in mills and factories around North America. 

From Dianond-in-the-rough to Crown Jewel, Rick. Amazing transformation YesCool

I think your car shop is perfect for a reuse on the farm (is that what they call "upcycling"?). Excellent looking model and it would be a shame to relegate it to a shelf somewhere.

Perfect BearToon, Bear!


I got off to a late start this weekend as I had some outdoor projects to catch up on.

New on the roster is a couple of PRR G41A coiled steel gons from Tangent Models.

 PRR_G41A-Mill by Edmund, on Flickr

Tangent simply pulls the curtain open when they have a new product available and lets the market decide if it is a winner or not. Nearly every time is is, of course.

 CR_G41_Century by Edmund, on Flickr

The detail is astronomical on these models and they are a perfect addition to my variety of coil cars already on the layout. I picked up a pare of extra Penn Central hoods to go on the C-R car. Hoods always got scrambled after a while.

 CR_G41_Mill by Edmund, on Flickr

I've cycled through my recent Rapido PAs and given each one new speakers and headlight arrangements. These improvements make an already decent model more to my liking.

 Rapido PA-4203-shelloff by Edmund, on Flickr

Scale Sound Systems speakers are head-and-ears abobe the cell-phone speakers Rapido is enamoured with. The LED mounted in direct view is a huge improvement over the "refracted" light path of the original.

 Rapido_PA_parts-swap by Edmund, on Flickr

Here's a nose-on view showing two LEDs in place for the Nickel Plate engines with Mars Lights. There's a strip of Timiya masking tape over the number board illumination which I like to use for toning down the intensity of some boards and the coloration, to me, is much more realistic after the boards have aged and yellowed a bit.

 Rapido_PA_nose by Edmund, on Flickr

 Rapido PA-4203-dusk by Edmund, on Flickr

Thanks for taking the time to visit...

Regards, Ed

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Posted by cats think well of me on Saturday, September 24, 2022 8:27 AM

Great start to WPF! Thanks for leading the way, Kevin! Those are nice water wheel details and glad those guys found those for you. 

Rich, nice work on those freight cars! The paint and lettering on that mechanical reefer look top notch. 

Dan, what a great gift! Nice hill side scenery!

JaBear, nice photo from New Zealand! 

Ed, those Tangent cars are gorgeous! Tangent does amazing work. I've three of their PRR G31b (I think) gondolas and love those. I'm a big fan of Scale Sounds Systems speakers as well and just ordered a pair to put sound and DCC into a Bowser RS-3 and a Proto2000 S3. 

I bought numerous packages of Preiser figures recently and started populating my shelf layout. 

A Laserkit All American Service Station is a busy place today! Autos are Classic Metal Works, Busch, and Brekina (I think). Figures are an older Preiser set. 

A group of people await a passenger train. Figures are Preiser, the station is Laserkit, and the platform I built from scratch. Baggage wagon is by Jordan. 

The train is here! Rapido Osgood-Bradley (American Flyer!) coach. The previous owner added working marker lights. 

People having a fun day in the little park by the general store.  

Team track scene with two people at work. 

Postal Worker checking the local mailbox. A gentleman sits in the back of his truck with a case of Dr. Pepper. Blair Line General Store with some added details. 

Railroad worker on way to his truck. 

Alvie H

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    November 2007
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Posted by HO-Velo on Saturday, September 24, 2022 2:08 PM

Kevin, Thanks for opening the WPF.  Indeed, a nice story to go with your waterwheel.  A waterwheel will surely add a big measure of interest and quaintness to your scene.  For some reason waterwheels always remind me of 'The Woodwright's Shop'.

Thanks to all the contributors and viewers.  Have a good weekend and a happy National Comic Book Day.  Regards, Peter  

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Posted by Mister Mikado on Saturday, September 24, 2022 9:20 PM

my weekend project is this kibri three stall roundhouse, which i put together in about 49 seconds.  just kidding, i said that because this is a superbly designed and fabricated kit from west germany i was lucky to find new on ebay.  it's a precision snap-together that i built so easily it could have been shipped in butter.  no mismatched parts like some other kits, just a smooth, perfect experience and a beauty to behold as you can see.  it will house my shorter locos. -rob

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Posted by PM Railfan on Sunday, September 25, 2022 3:18 AM

Evenin Railfans) Here is the 'Fun' I had this 'Weekend'. So i took a 'Photo' of it....


This is a 100 year old boxcar. That is, the PM recieved around 2000 U.S.R.A 40' Sgl. Dr. Boxcars way yonder back in the 19 and 20's. In the first 500 of these cars, the PM themselves modified them in a variety of ways. 30 or so were made into express cars. Others, new roofs or doors, or both. Some were modified for use carrying specific 'auto parts'. As far as i am aware, all variations in some number, made it passed the C&O merging.

The model i would love to see last 100 years (myself too for that matter). Though i seriously doubt it makes 5 without some kind of cosmetic work. It is 3D printed, details too. Which is why it is so delicate. Plastic that small has absolutely no strength no matter what type of plastic it is - printed or commercial.

This model isnt quite done yet. I havent glued down the roofwalk yet as im thinking of adding straps to it. I just got the end ladders done this week. I still need cut levers but im having a hard time find a good source.

And this is something id rather buy and add. It was a real pain in the door smacker to handle the end ladders. I couldnt find any that looked good enough to use so i had to break down and make them. Hope that isnt the case for the cut levers!

It would be nice to find an accurate [single] set of PM USRA decals too (HINT HINT to the makers listed!) so i could streamline that process. I havent touched the bottom yet, the brake detail is yet to come. Prolly fudge that too and just buy the details. Its still 'technically' a 3d printed car, right? 

Here is an actual sgl. dr. version still 'on the desk' which is how they were delivered to the PM, along with the car above....

The doors on these dont function, though that could have been the case. However, that would be more added time to the design and i wanted to get something going sooner than later. I can always go back and add that and then have both opening and non opening models. "One step at a time Sparks".

The trucks do function, just like a Kadee set. And I will say i really do like the Proto wheelsets. I prefer the metal axle, but those dont play well with working couplers, so the Proto plastic axles are just as good. These are standard #5's. The models have metal axles in this case.



Parts list:

Kadee - #5 couplers n boxes, air hoses, brake wheel, truck springs

Tichy - drop grab irons, wire

Walthers - Proto 33" metal axle/wheels

Decals - very very old Champ, Smokebox Graphics, K4 Pacific

Screws - 4 (trucks and couplers)

Glue - DAP Rapid Fuse

Paint - Tamiya for color, Testors for clears

Everything else - printed

(both cars not weighted yet)



Have a good weekend everyone!

Douglas #2


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Posted by BRVRR on Sunday, September 25, 2022 4:54 PM

Thanks for starting off WPF Kevin. MRR people are special for sure.

Rick - Great looking cars as usual. The detailing is really great work. Thats a good looking Ccottom Belt Train.

Soutgate 2 - Lucky you! The engine shed/barn story holds up for me. Go for it.

JaBear -Good one. And a nice photo from NZ.

Southgatae 2 - Interesting story about the Bend Oregon dpot. It would mak a good scrathc project if need a depot.

Ed - Some good looking cars. The work on the PA9s) is interestin. They put my Athearn models to shame.

Alvie - People give any scene life! Good job.

Peter - Another great urban scene.

rob - A good looking building for a snap-together.

PM-Douglas - Quite a project.

A little something from the archives/website, keeping the AMTRAK theme:

Keep the ideas and photos coming guys. Thanks to you WPF is always the best thread of the week.

Tags: BRVRR , Amtrak

Remember its your railroad


  Track to the BRVRR Website:

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Posted by Southgate 2 on Monday, September 26, 2022 1:06 AM

Nice stuff,  everyone!

Douglas: If you want metal axles, Intermountain has non magnetic metal axles with metal wheels. Dan

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Posted by SeeYou190 on Monday, September 26, 2022 11:11 AM

THANK YOU to everyone that contibuted this week!


Living the dream and happily modeling my STRATTON AND GILLETTE Railroad in HO scale. The SGRR is a freelanced Class A railroad as it would have appeared on Tuesday, August 3rd, 1954, in my personal fantasy world of plausible nonsense.

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