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"Posting Pic Problems"

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"Posting Pic Problems"
Posted by TrainsRMe1 on Saturday, August 25, 2012 9:38 AM

Hi all, I've posted a question in the Forum Test section but I didn't get a response so I thought I would try here, Anyway, I have followed the info on how to post pictures, to no avail, so without throwing my laptop out of of the windowBang Head, could some one help me, I would like to post some progress pictures o my layout, Thanks,

    Oh by the waySmile, Wink & Grin I wouldn't really throw my laptop put the window, it cost to much.Laugh

                                              Thanks Trainsrme1Cool

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Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, August 25, 2012 10:33 AM

You cannot directly upload a picture from your computer into this forum. Open up an account at (or any other) and upload your pictures to this account. Copy the the URL of your picture and paste it into the window that opens when you click on the picture icon.

That´s all you have to do.

  • How do I insert an image to my post?
  • Before an image can be inserted into a forum post it needs to be uploaded somewhere. This can be from another website or from any of the popular free image hosting solutions (PhotoBucket, Flickr, etc...)

    Our communities do not allow photos to be uploaded for the purpose of sharing them in the forums, therefore they must be housed somewhere else. You MUST know the URL of the image before you can insert it into your post.

    Images can only be inserted using the Rich Text Editor. The Rich Text Editor is displayed when creating a new thread by default and for thread replies when you select to use Rich Text Formatting (see question about replying to a thread above).

    Insert an image by clicking the Insert Image button in the toolbar of the text editor.
    A new window will then open to allow you to insert the URL of where the image is located.

    *Note: Depending on how the community is setup, images may not appear in the forums. Some communities may remove images from posts or replace them with links.
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Posted by rrinker on Saturday, August 25, 2012 11:42 AM

 Just note that when using a service like Photobucket, the "URL of the picture" is NOT what shows at the top of your browser int eh address bar. Services like Photobucket will have a box (several, actually) underor alongside your picture which have the link and code for posting in various forums. To use the "Insert Image" box, you want the one that is a plain URL, just , NOT one of the ones that has tags like [ i m g ] in front of it.

 That's the safe way, always works. Depending on your browser, you cna sometimes just paste it right in the body text without using Insert Image, but while that works with some browsers, with others it results in just the text of the URL with no actual link for people to click. Not that I am using IE9, and it made my example link above into an actual link as I typed it. Don't click that.



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