Pines for the south

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Pines for the south
Posted by chocho willy on Friday, November 9, 2018 9:48 AM

  Found this a nursery the other day and it looked like a nice substitute for pine type conifers which seem to have a little trouble growing in the south due to heat. saw these in a mass and it looked like I was gazing into a forest of pines, kin to asparagus fern but grows up on ridged stems. On my old layout I had asparagus fern covering a hill which became a mountain in a year and it put up with everything great plant. 

   Winter hardy to USDA Zone 9-11 where plants can be grown outdoors year round as long as temperatures never dip below 20-25 degrees F. Plants perform best in light, organically rich, consistently moist but well drained soils in part shade (bright indirect light or filtered sun). Avoid direct hot afternoon sun which may cause the leaves to yellow (scorch). Too much shade, however, may also cause the leaves to fade to light green or yellow. Additional causes of leaf yellowing include rapid changes in temperatures or lighting conditions. Although plants prefer evenly moist soils, they have respectable tolerance for drought. Pinch back stem tips as needed to maintain plant form and promote dense foliage growth. If plants lose attractive shape, stems may be cut back close to the soil level to regenerate. Propagate by seed or division. Self-seeding can be mildly invasive in some subtropical to tropical areas (e.g., southern Florida and Hawaii).


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Posted by PVT Kanaka on Friday, November 9, 2018 8:18 PM


The Triple O may be too exposed, but it could be worth the try.  We use Rosemary as "pines," but we are always experimenting.  I may have missed it, but what is this plant called?



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