O Gauge 45 Degree Crossover

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Posted by Road Foreman of Engines on Thursday, December 14, 2023 1:17 PM

Hi Mike,

  I remember buying a new Lionel 30degree crossing, standard 0 gauge, from Amazon. This crossing always tended to derail the Berkshire's lead truck. When I look closely at the crossing, it is not flat, but the center insulated section is a significant hump. Look closely at the crossing track section to see if it is flat. If this is the problem, I don't have an easy solution for it. 

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Posted by palallin on Thursday, December 14, 2023 7:17 AM

I have better luck with a straight piece between the cross and the curve, but I am talking about experience only with the 90 degree. 

Is there a difference in the height of the top of the rail?  Joining 031 and 027 rails sometimes makes for a bump.

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Posted by smokey1 on Thursday, December 14, 2023 5:59 AM

On the 1666 one of the pick-ups may have a wire broken somewhere so only one pick-up is giving you power. on th665 turn it over and make sure there is no chance of one of your pick-up shorting against the frame of the motor. You may need to get someone to lay on the carpet and see if they see a spark as it goes over the cross-over

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O Gauge 45 Degree Crossover
Posted by MikeTool on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 5:28 PM

Hello All, This is my first time posting.  I am seventy-five and have had Lionel 027 trains since early childhood although they have devolved to Christmas Tree only layouts.  Decided to introduce my four-year-old grandson to the model train hobby this Thanksgiving so, as a starter, I set up a temproary O gauge layout on the basement carpet.  It is a double loop using a new-to-me Ebay Lionel 45 degree crossover.  I have two Lionel steam engines, a #1666 with flat shoe contacts three inches apart, and a #665 with roller contacts 3 1/4 inches apart.  Both engines activate the e unit and stop when crossing the 45 degree crossover.  Transmormer direction button gets them going again.  If I disengage the e unit in the forward position, the engine passes over the crossover as it should.  But this leaves it with just forward and stop, no reverse.  Also, the engines tend to derail at the crossover.  Track coming into the crossover is a Menards 31" curve.  I thought about hacking the dead spot in the middle of the crossover with a piece of metal or a papper clip to keep the e unit in forward when it passes.  I am using a Lionel RW transformer because it has push buttons for direction and whistle.  Has anyone had this problem and are there suggested remedies?



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