Alternative coal tenders for the 225e? Lost my GM 2235w

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Posted by CliffhouseNY on Sunday, October 15, 2023 9:37 AM

I found a few of the 1689w's online and it looks like a great substitute.  I like the streamlined look.  Not sure I'll be patient enough to wait until November for the train show...

Also, by searching on both 1689w and 2235w and 225e together I was able to stumble across a PDF of the Lionel service document for the 225e locomotive where they list all of tenders.  I've started searching the list on Ebay, but so far the 1689w is looking like it will be the best value.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Part #WS-75: 1688W, 1689W, 2689W, 2689WX

Part #WS-80:  250W, 250WX, 263W, 385W, 392W, 400W, 700W, 752W, 1835W. 2250W, 2263W

Part #WS-85:  265W, 265WX, 616W, 636W, 0-1689W, 2224W. 2225WX, 2226W, 2235W, 2245W. 2265W. 2265WX, 0-2689W, 0-2689WX

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Posted by pennytrains on Thursday, October 12, 2023 7:40 PM

Welcome aboard!

There's always the 1689T and 1689W.  They'd certainly get the set running and you could always swap out the coupler for a bent long shank latch or box if the height isn't right.  Both the tender and the couplers should be easy to find at a train show.

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Alternative coal tenders for the 225e? Lost my GM 2235w
Posted by CliffhouseNY on Thursday, October 12, 2023 9:42 AM

Any suggestions on options for compatible coal tenders for a gun metal 1939 225E?  I have all of the freight cars, but I am missing what I believe would have been the gunmetal 2235w coal tender.  Pricing and availability for those seems pretty challenging.  I'd like to find an affordable tender to get the train operational while I save up and search for a nice GM 2235w.

I believe the connector is higher for the 225e and it came with 2600 series cars?  I'm assuming the 2225 and 2245 tenders would also work, but maybe there are some other pre-war tenders that are more common and less expensive? Color match and whistle aren't critical -- just looking for something to get the train operational while I search for the right unit. 

There's a train show nearby in couple weeks and I'm hoping I can stumble onto a bargain.


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