Postwar Diesel Battery Compartment Holders and Electric 'Horns'

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Postwar Diesel Battery Compartment Holders and Electric 'Horns'
Posted by pgtr on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 10:19 PM

I've got some postwar diesels with chrome plated battery retainers and others with a dull gray plating. Two of my 2245s have one of each. Just curious - which is original (or maybe both were depending on year)?

Similar question on the electric 'bike' horns. I've seen a number of variations and was wondering what the history is on these variations. I've got 2245s with Lionel horns where the mounting holes are notched (easier to remove). I've got another F3 dual motor with a slightly different horn that is mounted with holes (have to completely remove the mounting screws). My Alco 2023 has a 'Delta' branded horn which may be a service replacement.

What is the history of the variations of electric horns in diesels?

What are some recommendations for replacements? (Lionel or aftermarket brand)


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