"BERWYN?" Trolley Bell Shack: Under The Hood

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"BERWYN?" Trolley Bell Shack: Under The Hood
Posted by M. Mitchell Marmel on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 4:20 AM

By request (see , here are some under-the-hood shots of my "BERWYN?"  trolley bell shack!

Radio Shack speaker wire might not be the most elegant of hookup arrangements, but it does work well:

Closeup of the contacts, which do double duty holding the works together.  These things don't take much dismantling and reassembly, so try and keep same to a minimum.

Underside of the shack.  The original horn used a 9 volt battery, while the replacement USB card used three 1.5 volt watch batteries.  I wired in AAA batteries instead, which last longer.  Also note the external audio jack, which can be used for external powered speakers:

The innards exposed.  Note how the contact rods head up through the shack, and note how the battery and external soeaker are wired to the USB board.  Note also the cardboard tube on the speaker, which acts to amplify the sound. 

Not shown:  A plastic bag in which the USB board is wrapped to avoid short circuits. 

Hope this helps!


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