Seeking Professional Restoration for Hornby O Gauge Compound 4-4-0

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Seeking Professional Restoration for Hornby O Gauge Compound 4-4-0
Posted by Cheese on Monday, October 21, 2013 2:43 PM

Hey All,

I'm looking for a professional toy train restorer to restore a Hornby O Gauge Clockwork LMS Compound 4-4-0. I'm not sure what specific year it is from, but my past research indicated 1930. 

I bought this little engine several months ago, and when I moved back home I displayed it on the mantle over the fireplace. Long story short, a picture hanging on the wall directly behind the engine fell to the ground, and taking the engine with it. It's a testament to the good British workmanship of the era that the only damage to the engine was the cab roof on the left hand side (looking forward) was bent. There was hardly a scratch elsewhere. 

When I bought the engine, the paint work on one side was rather rough, but overall the engine was (and still is), in pretty decent shape, so I decided against having it re-painted. After the dive it took of the mantel, I have decided to proceed with finding a professional to restore the engine and fix the dented cab as best he could. Since Hornby isn't too big over here in the USA, I imagine there aren't many people with experience in this area, but it there is, or if there is someone who could do it, please let me know who they are. I'm doing some searching as well, but I figured if I was going to find something, my best bet was to ask here where many people could see it. 

If anyone needs to see a photo of the damage in order to help me in the right direction, I am going to attempt to embed one in a post here. But in the meantime, I can email them to you.

Thank You,


Nick! :)

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