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Posted by Algonquin on Tuesday, October 9, 2001 9:57 PM
Hi Bill,

I am not familiar with the Frisco 254 engine you have, but the connection of the Lionel 5906 sound activation button is relatively simple.

The red wire from the sound button goes to the power terminal of your transformer.

The black wire from the sound button goes to the #1 Lockon connection or to the center rail.

A separate wire is then run from the #2 Lockon connection or the outer rails to the ground post of your transformer.

If your locomotives horn does not operate in this configuration, reverse the connections at the transformer. This will change the polarity of the DC signal from the sound button and is sometimes required to operate some of the newer digital horns.

Both the 1033 and R type transformers will work fine with the sound activation button.

If neither of the above wiring configurations work the horn, you may have a problem in either the locomotive or the sound activation button. In that case you may want to take the units in for service.

I hope this information helps. I can e-mail you a diagram of the wiring if you forward me your e-mail address. My address is "".


Tim Pignatari

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Sound Activation Button
Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, October 9, 2001 6:01 PM

I have a Lionel Sound Activation Button (6-5906) that I would like to use to activate the horn on my fairly new switcher (Frisco 254). I have two transformers, a very old Type R and a slightly newer 1033. I'm using the Type R on my layout now. The Sound Button has a red wire and a black wire.
If someone knows how to hook this up, or can point me to a place that shows how, I would appreciate it. Alas, the manuals I have are from the late 40's, many years before this button or switcher were even made. :) I tried a few combinations of posts and wire, but I don't want to fry anything, especially myself.

Thank you,

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