Lionel #671 S-2 Turbine Locomotive: Headlight Lamp Bracket

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Lionel #671 S-2 Turbine Locomotive: Headlight Lamp Bracket
Posted by Train-O on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 8:07 PM

Hi, Everyone,

I had a bad experience with the headlight lamp bracket of the S-2.
The problem is that the spring metal of the lamp bracket is delicate and if you exert too much pressure on the bracket's prongs, to strengthen the grasp of the prongs, one, or both of the prong(s) may break off from the bracket's base.

As per Lionel, the lamp bracket part number is 289E-20. 

Caution should be used when removing, or replacing the lamp in it's bracket, due to the poor strength of the bracket's prongs and be careful of the lamp wire due to it's short length.

The lamp bracket is attached to the inside/rear of the door, of the boiler front and headlamp.

The bracket consist of a base with a hole in it's center and two prongs, one prong opposite of each other, on the edges of the base.

Carefully, with a small flat blade screwdriver, place the blade under the base of the bracket and pry off the defective bracket from the securing stud, said stud is built into the inside/rear and center of the boiler door and is located directly behind the #6200 Keystone badge, be careful that no one gets hit with the flying projectile-lamp bracket and not to damage anything else.

Place the hole of the new bracket's base over the securing stud and press down on the base of the bracket.   Some force is required, but not too much and the new bracket will snap onto the securing stud, as there are small slits surrounding the edge of the hole in the bracket's base to aid in the application of the new lamp bracket.

I hope, this will help others to avoid damage to this delicate item and go through the trouble of replacing something which should have been made with a stronger spring metal, as the bracket's prongs receive a workout through the years when replacing burnt out lamp bulbs.

Sorry, for my poor grammar.

Thank You,





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