Space Party: The Menards M&M UFO operating accessory

Posted by Bob Keller
on Monday, December 28, 2020

The strange green light is worthy of any big-budget 1950s science fiction movie!

If 2020 had been a perfect year, I suspect the Menards no. 279-6130 UFO Scene would have arrived closer to Halloween thank Thanksgiving, but 2020 is what it is (or soon will have been).

While I thought the original UFO accessory (the cow abduction scene) was pretty clever, this model with the bright graphics and the premise – abducting the little M&M peeps, caught me in he funny bone.

I mean, M&M candies have done pretty well creating the M&Ms as comical characters in their advertising. Heck, I even have a set of M&M figure Christmas lights so I have bought into the concept … and the candy is pretty good as well.

The concept is simple. The yellow Intergalactic Party Bus is stopping by to pick up some M&M folks for a celebration. Not sure of whether or not they will be participants or the desert treat, but best not dwell on that!

The base is fully decorated with grass and shrubs, a few space alien figures, five ground based M&Ms and one at the controls of the ship. There is a nearby crate full of M&Ms with an M&M character providing site security. Oh yes, Jack is nearby, but is taking care to keep a low profile.

The spaceship is parked on four tall legs, with an M&M figure at the controls. When powered up, there is an interesting color change sequence on the ship and a very cool green light shining from below.

The ship is using a clamp to hoist a little fellow from the ground, skyward. Up, up toward the passenger compartment, or is it the cargo bay? But then again, maybe the party bus is delivering him to a festival of chocolate goodness. You decide!

The accessory is designed for use with the Menards Plug & Play power syspem, sold separately.

The O Scale M&Ms UFO scene costs $99.99. My local Menards store had this in stock with the Christmas train selection. If you live near a store, check it first. Otherwise order online at where shipping to your local Menards is always free.

 This accessory is a fun way to wrap up 2020 and we all need a laugh!

An M&M is at the space throttle, while space aliens and M&Ms wait for the party to kick into gear.

Seen from above, it sure looks like the spaceship is bursting with M&Ms.

Is this little fellow arriving or departing?

The scene looks unearthly in dark lighting. No wonder Jack is keeping a low profile.

When powered up the flight deck is illuminated and there are rotating colors around the mid-section!

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