Repainting Tucker's Farm: Part 2

Posted by Rene Schweitzer
on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

About a month ago, I wrote about a partial repaint for a Lemax O gauge structure that's in my kitchen. I'd needed to buy some silver paint for the roof. I stopped by our local Meijer store and found some acrylic silver craft paint and decided to give it a try.

You can see the need for new paint here.

I decided to add in another small fix. We have an O gauge cat figure from Arttista, but he was black and white. Our Tucker was brown tabby with white. I wonder how difficult it would be to repaint the cat figure?

Our Tucker (Arttista) sits on the stoop.

I set up my supplies and started painting!

Time to get painting!

Most of you may not know that I've been painting things since I was a preteen. My mom would take me to her ceramics class and sometimes I'd get to paint a piece. Oh, the agony of what to choose! Later, I used to buy those plaster kits and paint all sorts of things, from nativity sets, cat figures, Christmas ornaments. I have a box of acrylic paints and brushes, some of which date back many years.

But painting Lemax structures is new for me. I'd had no trouble painting the other colors, but the silver paint gave me some trouble. The paint was thinner in consistency, and took a very long time to dry. I needed to apply two coats. If anyone has had this experience with metallic paints,  I'd love to hear if this is normal. Perhaps it's the metallic components? Either way, while it took longer to paint than I expected, it turned out just fine.

That's better.

I was pleased at how easy it was to convert the cat figure. The metal took the brown acrylic paint and dried quickly. I used a thin black Sharpie to add stripes.

Tucker is now brown and white with black stripes.

Bottom line is this: Even though I've been painting with acrylics for years, I'm still learning new things. And that's a win!

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