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Posted by pwolfe on Thursday, May 18, 2006 12:02 PM

A Derby built class 108 DMU at York museum.

British DMUs Part 1
PRRRRRAAAAAAAAP no NOT a comment on TOM’s birthday but the rather flatulent sound some of the first generation of British Railways Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) made especially in their old age, often accompanied by a cloud of blue smoke.

The start of the railcars owes its beginning to the motor bus industry in developing a powerful diesel engine and air pressure to change gears. The Great Western Railway in 1933 had some semi-streamlined single cars that were long lived with the last ones surviving until 1962. It is possible to ride in a preserved one at the Didcot Railway Centre. There was also this type of car for carrying parcel traffic.
There was also pioneer dmus in Ireland in the 30s and but for the war probably many more dmus would have been built.

It was in 1954 that the first BR built dmus appeared these were the Derby Lightweights 2-Car units with running numbers in the 79XXX range. These were quite successful I can remember them working in North Wales on the branches and they even worked a summer only named train The Welsh Dragon that ran between the resorts of Rhyl and Llandudno. Probably the shortest distance a named train operated in the UK.

In 1955 the first of the very successful Metro-Cammell units was introduced which in total produced more than 600 cars and lasted nearly 50 years in passenger service.

Then followed cars manufactured by Cravens, Park Royal, Pressed Steel, Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co, Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. as well as BR workshops at Derby & Swindon
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Posted by pwolfe on Thursday, May 18, 2006 12:19 PM
DMUs Part 2
The dmus were basically for three different uses as reflected in the seating capacity and the number of entrance doors, with some suburban units having a door to each seating bay while the majority of dmus having two doors per side in each car.

Another type was the Cross-Country which added a bit more comfort. The Swindon built class 120 3-car units were these type of unit and were instantly recognizable by having two square windows in the driving cab as opposed to the 3 rectangular windows of most of the other types. These were, I thought, very comfortable especially when in their later years the first class was downgraded for the use of second-class passengers.

In the early 60s two attractive dmu sets were introduced one was the 6-Car Trans Pennine units for use on the steeply graded services over the hills between Lancashire and Yorkshire the others were for the Western Region use and designated Inter-City a name BR used for its express passenger services later that decade. Both types of units worked in the north of England in there last days I can recall traveling in the train formed of cars from both types between Sheffield and Manchester in the 70s.

The second generation of dmus started to appear in the mid 80s but the last of the first generation units only ceased passenger work a couple of years ago, although I believe a single car unit is still used on the ex Great Central branch line between Aylsbury and Princes Risborough to the north west of London. There are a few of the 1st generation of DMUs that have been converted to Departmental use.

They were to be seen all over the British Railways network although I believe they did not work much to the north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, and the Southern Region which went in for Diesel Electric Multiple units.

Some thoughts and recollections

At the time it was sad to see the dmus replace the old ways of a steam loco and 2 or 3 cars but in retrospect the branch lines that did survive must owe a lot to them.
One of the great plus points of the dmus was that one could sit behind the driver and see the same view as he had, or be in the back car and have a cheap observation car.

In Rugby dmus were used on the local trains to Birmingham until the line was electrified in 1966 after that they became rare, although 30 miles away at Birmingham, until the cross rail electrification, there was a great many units to be seen. As the units elseware was replaced by the next generation of dmus or electrification Birmingham received many of the displaced units.

In the early days it was often possible to see the units having a tail load of a 4-wheel wagon or a parcel car which would be removed by the station pilot at its destination.

On one trip on a dmu on the Worcester to Birmingham line when we approached Stourbridge Junction, a Peak class diesel was at the platform end which was coupled to the unit and hauled us up Old Hill bank calling at all stations. I was in the seat behind the driver with the nose of the Peak a few feet away as it hauled our 3-car unit up the hill with ease.

On the whole I must admit I do have a soft spot for the 1st generation Diesel Multiple Units of British Railways.

After that I had better have a Bathams CINDY.
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Posted by LoveDomes on Thursday, May 18, 2006 2:34 PM
[bday] cap'n Tom and G'day all assembled!

Looks like Pete is holding the fort by himself today . . . glad someone is! [tup]

Tom's Cards are beating up my Mets - but it ain't over 'til it's over - as Yogi once said!

Just wanted to stop by - between running here 'n there - to keep the Thread up 'n running!

Hope to be back B4 tonights Bash!

Cindy I'll take a Schaefer then I've gotta move along . . . [swg]

Until the next time! [tup]
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Posted by trolleyboy on Thursday, May 18, 2006 4:12 PM
A hearty Good afternoon gents.Cindy i think a round to loosen the gang up is required,gotta make sure all the tpas are working at 100% for tonights festivities.

Some interesting stuff thus far, hopefully much more to follow. First off some catch up from the rest of yesterday an today.

Lars Glad to see that you have returned..I do hope things sort out for you. I liked thre second time around Lionel Post still a good read fer sure. Nice GG1 tribute for the good captain today as well. I'm sue those old girls that are left could tell a tale or two yet.

CM3 I fine "tribute" to our Mentor and friend, I do hope that you are able to pop back in tonight, we'll keep your stool warm as it were. That is unless we need it for overflow this evening.

Nick good to see you surface finally mate. You will find the fixings for some fine English pub fare imported from Ontario for your culinary usage. just remember no paint or drywall mud or any other building materials to be used in the entree's [swg][;)]

Doug That was an absolutly fabuloue piece on the Canadian National, the photo's were supurb. 5x[tup] for that one for sure.

Pete the DMu articles were great lots of neat info. I know have the visual reference to the various classes and types thanks to that rail magazine. I no longer feel left out of the loop on the Brit rail disscussions. I haven't sampled the creeame ale you were enquiring about , it is sold in the bottle as well so you may be able to purchase it locally. The 80 shilling for my taste is quite good however. You would I think find the fare at the St George Arms definatly to your liking ! Lots of Giness used in various sauces and gravy. [swg][dinner]

Mike Thaks for the additional info on the Adirondak,you always learn something around here for sure.[tup]

Tom I hope that you have a virtual DD tonight as I think mant a round will be bought in your honour. All the girls have thier new "hooters" inspired uniforms back from the cleaners ( Cindy and the girls over at Victoria's secrets Designed them [yeah][:P][:O][wow] ) hope you have another good ballgame yto watch like last nights[tup]

Ted Sounds like your trip to the VA was almost a highlight of the week for you,who says going to the Dr can't be fun eh [?]

Catch everyone later

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Posted by trolleyboy on Thursday, May 18, 2006 4:24 PM

A little Encore on railroading in one of the "bosses" favourite parts of the north country. In honour of the 68th aniversary of his natal day.[^] [bday] Wishes to you Tom !


QUOTE: Originally posted by trolleyboy

ENCORE ! ENCORE ! as seen originally on pg 262


Completed in 1983 to tap the coal resorses of the highgrade Tumbler Ridge Coal Field ,eighty miles away on the east side of the Rockey Mountains. The Tumbler division leaves the BCR mainline at Wakely, mile 537.2 on the Chetwynd subdivision. Wakely was named after the BC railways chief engineer, that president and CEO Mac Norris brouight out from the CPR. Wakely left the BCR and returned to CP to complete or at least start the Rogers Pass tunnel project in 1975.

From the jct switch at Wakely, the line crosses to the north bank of the Parsnip river and follows it upstream to the Table river. Between Table and Whitford siding s the line reaches it's maximum eastern gradient of 1.5% as it climbs the 5.6 mile long Table MTN tunnel.

Between the Table and Wolverine tunnels the railway is located in a high alpine valley at 3815 feet altitude, in which the headwaters of the Sukunka River flows. Once through the 3.7 mile long Wolverine Tunnel, it's a steady 1.2% downgrade to the crossing of the Murray River outdside the townsite of Tumbler Ridge.

There were two coal loadouts on the line, one for the Bullmoose mine at Teck, mile 69.6 and the other for the Quintette mine at Quintette, mile 82.3. The Railway has a small shop at Murray mile 73.3, where running repairs were preformed on the electric locomotives. Helpers consisting of two sets of GM / ASEA electrics ran out of Murray and coupled on behind the coal train cabooses at the loadouts. They would pu***he loaded trains up to the top of the southbound 1.2% grade, often cutting off inside the Wolverine tunnel !

The Wolverine tunnel at mile 43.6 to 47.3, is the eastern most of the two long tunnels that bring the rails under the Hart range to the Tumbler Coal Fields. One of the cheif reasons for the electrification iof this line was the two long tunnels. Diesles would have required an umence expendature of ca***o ventilate the tunnels, the electrics did not, also at 6000 hp the electrics did the wirk of two of the most powerfull diesels of the time.The Wolverine tunnel had additional problems, hot springs seep from the rock strata through which the tunnel was drilled. The sulpher in the springs corodes the copper wires of the overhead catenery so aluminum wires had to be strung throuigh the tunnels.

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Posted by LoveDomes on Thursday, May 18, 2006 4:28 PM

Tom here’s something guaranteed to “flick your Bic” . . .

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Broadway Limited

The all-Pullman Broadway Limited cruises through Metuchen, New Jersey in the Summer of 1961. (courtesy:

"Drumhead" logos such as these often adorned the ends of observation cars on the Broadway Limited.

The Broadway Limited was the Pennsylvania Railroad's (PRR) premier named passenger train, operating one train daily in either direction between New York (or Washington, D.C.) and Chicago, Illinois. The Broadway ran from 1912 (although its train Nos. 28 and 29 operated from 1902 as the Pennsylvania Special) and outlasted the Pennsylvania Railroad, operating under Amtrak until 1995.

Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited

Equipment used

In 1938, the Broadway Limited was completely reequipped with lightweight steel cars to replace the heavyweight steel cars. The new equipment's industrial design was a product of Raymond Loewy, who would later go on to design the PRR GG1 to pull the train, as well as some streamlined steam locomotives for the PRR. This train was the PRR's only pre-World War II train to receive such an equipment investment; other PRR trains used heavyweight cars until after the War. Most of the equipment in the 1938 upgrade was built new by Pullman-Standard between March and May of that year, but the diners were rebuilt from heavyweight cars by the railroad's Altoona shops. The 1938 consist included the following equipment:

• sleeper (18 roomettes), one of 8 cars named City of Baltimore, City of Cincinnati, City of Columbus, City of New York, City of Philadelphia, City of Pittsburgh, City of St. Louis or City of Washington.
• sleeper-lounge (2 double bedrooms, secretary's room, barber shop, shower-bath, bar/lounge), either Harbor Point or Harbor Springs.
• diner, a heavyweight car rebuilt at the Altoona shops.
• sleeper (4 compartments, 2 drawing rooms, 4 double bedrooms), one of four cars named Imperial Park, Imperial Pass, Imperial Plateau or Imperial Point.
• sleeper (13 double bedrooms), either Allegheny County or New York County.
• sleeper-buffet-lounge-observation (2 master rooms, 1 double bedroom), either Metropolitan View or Skyline View.

Station stops

• New York Penn Station
• Newark Penn Station
• North Philadelphia
• Paoli
• Harrisburg (engine change from GG1 to diesel-electric units)
• Baker Street Station (Fort Wayne)
• Englewood - transfer to Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
• Chicago Union Station

Station Stops, 1958

• New York Pennsylvania Station
• Newark Pennsylvania Station
• Philadelphia (North Philadelphia Station)
• Paoli
• Harrisburg Union Station (engine change from GG1 to diesel-electric units)
• Altoona, PA
• Crestline, OH
• Fort Wayne
• Englewood Union Station
• Chicago_Union_Station

Cars from New York's Hudson Terminal and Jersey City's Exchange Place were added at Newark.

Amtrak's Broadway Limited

When Amtrak started up on May 1, 1971, the Broadway Limited continued to use the all-PRR route, with a split at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for trains to Washington, DC via Perryville, Maryland along the former Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mount Joy and Lancaster Railroad, Columbia and Port Deposit Railway and Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad until November 30, 1975. On November 12, 1990, due to Conrail's desire to abandon part of the former Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway in northwest Indiana, the line was rerouted to use the former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad west of Pittsburgh into Chicago. In 1995 the Broadway Limited was ended, though it was later brought back as the Three Rivers, the latter of which has since been discontinued by Amtrak west of Pittsburgh.


• Wayner, Robert J., ed. (1972). Car Names, Numbers and Consists. Wayner Publications, New York, NY. (out of print).
• Mike Schafer, Amtrak's atlas, Trains June 1991

Enjoy! [tup]


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Posted by pwolfe on Thursday, May 18, 2006 5:00 PM
Hi Tom and all

A pint of the usual please CINDY before you get changed.

Good to see LARS and ROB in this afternoon, the bar is about ready for the bash even AWK has been preening himself.
I will look out for the Cream ale, there is a good International Wine and Beer shop in Town and I would love to visit the St George one day.

I have only brewed two beers tonight as the brewhouse is still a wreak after the H&H's Hammer mishap for the 1st annivesary of Our Place, but BORIS spends hours stirring the vats and taking in the fumes [:O] and would be very disappointed if we didn't brew something. I dont what the strength of the ale as BORIS done a unspeakable thing to the hydrometer and it hasn't been sterilized yet.
Here is the beers.

GG1 GREAT ALE Dont let the Brunswick Green color of the ale put you off a great tasting beer with a touch of electric about it..
PENNSY PULLMAN PARADISE. Boris and I are proud of this brew, a Tuscan Red colored beer with a hint of class about it.

Anyway TOM the KEITH'S ALE as arrived and is ready in the celler not to mention the rum.

Great Tumbler Ridge Encore ROB and Broadway Limited LARS[tup][tup][tup].
Tom should be happy the Cards beat the Mets6-3( sorry Lars.) PETE.
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Posted by passengerfan on Thursday, May 18, 2006 5:22 PM
Good Afternoon Tom and Happy Birthday. Sorry I have to miss the B'Day bash but will try and give you a post close to your heart as my gift from me. Time for a CR and a round for the house.

Streamlined Coaches
by Al

Known as the standard railroad of the world the PRR earned that reputation for good reason. Take the case of the K4 Pacific for example the PRR built two prototypes and after a lengthy testing program that worked out any and all problems they were ordered into production and built hundreds of these locomotives. They became the standard passenger power for trains outside the northeast corridor. They could be found at the head of nearly every passenger train operating outside the electrified territory one could find a K4 on the front and if one wasn’t enough the PRR never hesitated to double head K4 locomotives on the heavy mail trains and Holiday consists swelled with extra cars. In the electrified territory the PRR operated the famous GG 1 electric’s at the head of every important passenger train. They were capable of pulling twenty car trains of heavyweight cars unassisted but even the GG1 was double headed between New York and Washington on the heavy winter Pullman trains to and from Florida.
Never a railroad to do things on less than a grand scale the PRR inaugurated four streamlined trains on the same date June 15, 1938. These were the pride of the Pennsylvania’s all Pullman BROADWAY LIMITED between New York and Chicago. The all-Pullman SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS between New York and St. Louis nightly in both directions. The all-Pullman LIBERTY LIMITED between Washington and Chicago. The last of the 1938 streamliners was the GENERAL another all Pullman train between New York and Chicago.
The PRR would operate six coach streamliners over their lines before WW II, two of these would operate over the PRR only between New York and Washington where they would continue beyond by the owning roads or other operating partners in the service. These trains were the Southern Railways SOUTHERNER and the Seaboard Airline’s SILVER METEOR. Following the war the PRR would own coaches operating in the ACL CHAMPIONS another New York – Florida train.

60 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Budd Company November 1939 (Built for and assigned to SILVER METEOR)

4015 – 4017

56 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Pullman Standard March 1941 (Built for and assigned to SOUTHERNER)




The PRR would introduce there first all coach streamliner the TRAIL BLAZER July 28, 1939 between New York and Chicago daily in both directions. The TRAIL BLAZER originally was assigned a 17-hour schedule in either direction overnight. For this service the PRR completely streamlined and refurbished fifty old heavyweight coaches in the roads famed Altoona shops and renumbered them 4310 –4359. At the same time as work was progressing on the coaches four old heavyweight dining cars were being rebuilt and streamlined into two twin unit dining cars. One of each pair of cars contained the Kitchen and Crew Dormitory space while the second car of the pair was the 68 seat Dining Room car. Dormitory –Kitchen car 8019 operated coupled to Dining Room Car 8020 in one TRAIL BLAZER consist and Dormitory – Kitchen 8021 operated coupled to Dining Room Car 8022 ran in the other TRAIL BLAZER consist.
The PRR Altoona shops also rebuilt two old heavyweight coaches into streamlined Boat tail observations with Buffet and lounge seating for the TRAIL BLAZERS numbered 1120 and 1121. The last two cars rebuilt from heavyweights and streamlined for the TRAIL BLAZERS were a pair of Baggage Buffet 27 seat Lounge cars for the head end numbers 4931 and 4950. The TRAIL BLAZERS generally ran as eighteen car trains in the early years of operation. The excess streamlined 68 seat coaches were assigned to other trains in the early years of operation, and were replaced by 56 revenue seat refurbished and streamlined heavyweight coaches in 1940. The PRR then assigned the 68 seat coaches initially to another PRR streamlined all coach train the JEFFERSONIAN between New York and St. Louis in the spring of 1941.

BAGGAGE BUFFET 27 SEAT LOUNGE CARS Rebuilt and streamlined by PRR Altoona Shops July 1939 (Heavyweights refurbished and streamlined for TRAIL BLAZER)

4931 and 4950

68-REVENUE SEAT COACHES Rebuilt and streamlined by PRR Altoona Shops May – August 1939 (Heavyweights refurbished and streamlined for TRAIL BLAZER and General Service)

4310 – 4359

21-CREW DORMITORY – KITCHEN CARS Rebuilt and streamlined by PRR Altoona Shops June 1939 from 36 seat heavyweight diners (Heavyweights rebuilt and streamlined for TRAIL BLAZER)

8019, 8021

68-SEAT DINING ROOM CARS WITH 4 SEAT WAITING AREA Rebuilt and streamlined by PRR Altoona shops June 1939 from heavyweight 36 seat Dining cars (Heavyweight Dining car rebuilt and streamlined for TRAIL BLAZER)

8020, 8022

BUFFET 56-seat LOUNGE OBSERVATIONS Rebuilt and streamlined by PRR Altoona Shops from heavyweight Coaches in June 1939 (Rebuilt and streamlined from heavyweight for TRAIL BLAZER)

1120 originally heavyweight coach 7777

1121 originally heavyweight coach 8930

At the same time Altoona Shops was busy with the cars for the TRAIL BLAZER they were also rebuilding and streamlining four heavyweight dining cars into two unit dining car sets. These differed from those built for the TRAIL BLAZER as the Crew Dormitory area in those cars was replaced by an 18 seat Lunch Counter These two cars were Lunch Counter – Kitchen cars and were numbered 8023 and 8024. The 68 seat Dining Rooms cars that were coupled to these cars were 8024 and 8026; they were identical to those rebuilt for the TRAIL BLAZER trains. These cars were completed in July 1939 and assigned to trains operating between New York and Washington during meal hours. At the same time the excess 68 seat coaches rebuilt and streamlined for the TRAIL BLAZER were assigned to trains operating in the same corridor as they could be easily called up if needed for use in the TRAIL BLAZER. The PRR realized they would have to do something about the 68-revenue seat coaches operating in the TRAIL BLAZERS as rival NYC had ordered nearly 100 new streamlined 56 revenue seat Coaches for their PACEMAKER coach streamliners between New York and Chicago. The PRR made a decision to rebuild and streamline another forty-one heavyweight coaches to 56-revenue seat streamlined Coaches for assignment to the TRAIL BLAZER trains. The cars were completed between March and June 1940 by Altoona Shops with the numbers 4269 – 4309 assigned and immediately replaced the 68 seat coaches in the TRAIL BLAZER trains.

18-SEAT LUNCH COUNTER KITCHEN CARS Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops July 1939 (Rebuilt and streamlined for assignment to New York – Washington trains)

8023, 8025

68-SEAT DINING ROOM CARS WITH 8-SEAT WAITING AREA Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops July 1939 (Rebuilt for and assigned to New York – Washington trains)

8024, 8026

56 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops March – July 1940 (Rebuilt and streamlined for assignment to TRAIL BLAZER trains)

4269 – 4309

The PRR decided to give passengers traveling from New York City to St. Louis their own all coach streamliner in the spring of 1941 to be named the JEFFERSONIAN. Initially the PRR assigned streamlined heavyweight 68 revenue seat Coaches in the 4310 – 4359 series and 56 revenue seat Coaches from the 4269 – 4309 series. Four streamlined Buffet Observations were rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops from Heavyweight coaches in October – November 1940 in anticipation of the new JEFFERSONIAN trains. These four cars were identical to those rebuilt and streamlined for the earlier TRAIL BLAZER. As only three consists were needed for the JEFFERSONIAN trains to maintain daily service the fourth was operated as a spare for either train. The JEFFERSONIAN”S were inaugurated April 27, 1941. The streamlined Baggage 12 Crew Dormitory Buffet 16 seat Lounge cars 6701 - 6703 for the JEFFERSONIAN trains were not completed in time for the trains inaugural and heavyweights operated in the trains until their completion by Altoona Shops in August 1941.
An additional twenty-five 56 revenue seat Coaches rebuilt and streamlined from heavyweights were completed by Altoona Shops in December, 1941numbers 4244 – 4258. These cars were added to the TRAIL BLAZER – JEFFERSONIAN pool of cars.
The PRR assigned streamlined 48 seat Dining cars to the JEFFERSONIAN train sets from the 4500 – 4517 series skipping the number 4513. These seventeen 48 seat dining cars were constructed in 1939 for service by Budd 4500-4506, American Car & Foundry 4507-4511, and Pullman Standard 4512, 4514-4517. They were assigned to long distance trains and the JEFFERSONIAN was just one of the trains they were assigned to.
The PRR received a series of 60-revenue seat stainless steel coaches from Budd between March and November 1939 numbered 4000 – 4014. A second order of these cars came from Budd in November - –December 1940 numbered 4018 – 4029. These two groups of Budd built cars were hardly recognizable as Budd built stainless steel cars as they were fully painted in the Tuscan Red paint scheme. If one were close enough to see the fluted sides they would be able to recognize the cars as Budd built. These cars were assigned to General Service and often could be found in the JEFFERSONIAN, TRAIL BLAZER and SOUTH WIND consists when these trains needed extra capacity. The JEFFERSONIAN trains became eighteen to twenty cars in length almost from the beginning of WWII and in order to feed the hungry passengers the Altoona Shops rebuilt and streamlined three additional twin unit-dining sets in June 1943. These were 21 Crew Dormitory Kitchen Cars 8027, 8029, 8031 operated with 68 seat Dining room cars 8028, 8030, and 8031.
In June 1941 the Altoona Shops released two additional Buffet Lounge Observations for assignment to the RED BIRD the PRR overnight trains between New York and Detroit. The RED BIRD carried Sleeping cars forward and the coaches to the rear and the Buffet Lounge Observation was assigned to Coach passengers. These two Buffet Lounge Observations were assigned numbers 1127 and 1128 and had originally been heavyweight coaches before rebuilding. The RED BIRD was assigned 68 seat Coaches for the coach section of those trains. Altoona Shops rebuilt and streamlined three Baggage 15 Crew Dormitory Buffet 16 seat Lounge cars in March 1942 and assigned them to the all Pullman SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS on the New York – St. Louis run numbers 6704 – 6706.
Altoona Shops rebuilt and streamlined seven Baggage 36 revenue seats Coach combination numbers 5100 – 5106 in March 1942. These cars were assigned to trains operating in the Boston – New York – Washington corridor. Three additional Buffet Lounge Observations were rebuilt and streamlined from coaches and numbered 1129 – 1131. Two of the three Observations the last Round end observations built for PRR service were assigned to the ADMIRAL between Philadelphia and Chicago and the third was held as a spare for any of the trains while their regularly assigned observation was shopped.
Still needing additional modern coaches the Altoona Shops rebuilt and streamlined fifty 68-revenue seat coaches 4194-4243. These cars were assigned to General Service and assigned mostly to trains operating longer distances but many were operated in the corridor as well.

BUFFET 56 SEAT LOUNGE OBSERVATIONS Rebuilt and streamlined from Coaches in Altoona Shops October – November 1940 (Rebuilt and streamlined for assignment to the JEFFERSONIAN)

1122 originally heavyweight Coach 1706

1123 originally heavyweight Coach 1795

1124 originally heavyweight Coach 1667

1125 originally heavyweight Coach

BUFFET 56 SEAT LOUNGE OBSERVATIONS Rebuilt and streamlined from heavyweight Coaches by Altoona Shops June 1941 Rebuilt and streamlined for assignment to the RED BIRD)

1126 originally heavyweight Coach 1604

1127 originally heavyweight Coach

BAGGAGE 12 CREW DORMITORY BUFFET 16 SEAT LOUNGE CARS Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops August 1941 (Rebuilt and streamlined for JEFFERSONIAN)


56-REVENUE SEAT COACHES Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops December1941 (Rebuilt and streamlined for assignment to JEFFERSONIAN – TRAIL BLAZER pool)

4244 – 4268

BAGGAGE 15 CREW DORMITORY BUFFET 16 SEAT LOUNGE CARS Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops March 1942 (Rebuilt and streamlined for assignment to SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS)

6704 – 6706

BAGGAGE 36 REVENUE SEAT COACH COMBINATIONS Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops March 1942 (Rebuilt and streamlined for assignment to New York – Washington trains principally)

5100 – 5106

68 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops May – August 1942 (Rebuilt and streamlined for assignment to long distance trains in a general service pool)

4194 – 4243

60 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Budd Company March – November 1939 (Built for and assigned to General Service)

4000 – 4014

60 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Budd Company November – December 1940 (Built for and assigned to General service)

4018 – 4029

BUFFET 56 SEAT LOUNGE OBSERVATIONS Rebuilt and streamlined from heavyweight Coaches by Altoona Shops March 1942 (Rebuilt for and assigned to ADMIRAL)

1129 originally heavyweight Coach 1651

1130 originally heavyweight Coach 1639

1131 originally heavyweight Coach

The PRR Altoona Shops would rebuild and streamline eighteen additional heavyweight cars between January and April 1943 before wartime restrictions finally stopped the rebuilding and streamlining of cars. There was six Baggage 36 revenue seat Coach Combinations 5107 – 5112 assigned to New York Washington trains.
Six heavyweight Dining cars were rebuilt and streamlined into three paired sets one car with a 21 Crew Dormitory and Kitchen the other a 68 seat Dining Room Car. These pairs 8027-8028, 8029-8030, and 8031-8032 were assigned to the long distance pool before becoming permanent fixtures during the war in the SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS.
The Altoona Shops also rebuilt four additional heavyweight Dining cars into two pairs one car having a Kitchen 18 seat Lunch Counter the other a 68 seat Dining Room. These four cars 8033-8034, and 8035-8036 were assigned to trains in the Washington – New York corridor during mealtime hours. Work on all ten dining cars was completed during April 1943.
The final two cars streamlined by Altoona Shops in April 1943 were two Baggage 21 Crew Dormitory cars 6707 and 6708 for assignment o the GENERAL replacing smaller heavyweight Baggage Crew Dormitory cars.
The PRR had one additional streamlined coach in service prior to WW II that should be mentioned. This coach was a one of a kind type something the PRR rarely became involved with. The Car was built by Pressed Steel Car Company in August 1940 as a demonstrator for display at the New York World’s Fair and was numbered 1940. The 80 seat Coach was purchased by the PRR in April 1942 and after painting in PRR colors was renumbered 4045 and assigned to service operating in the New York – Washington corridor. The PRR purchased no further cars from this manufacturer who was out of the car building business before the war was really underway.

BAGGAGE 36 REVENUE SEAT COACH COMBINATION Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops from heavyweights between January – April 1943 (Rebuilt and streamlined for New York – Washington trains)

5107 – 5112

21-CREW DORMITORY – KITCHEN CARS Rebuilt and Streamlined in Altoona Shops from Heavyweights in April 1943 (Rebuilt for and assigned to Long Distance services and SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS)

8027,8029, 8031

68 SEAT DINING ROOM CARS WITH 4 SEA WAITING AREA Rebuilt and streamlined by PRR shops from heavyweights April 1943 (Rebuilt and streamlined for long distance services and SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS 8034 – 8036 assigned to Washington – New York trains)

8028, 8030, 8032, 8034, 8036

18 SEAT LUNCH COUNTER KITCHEN CARS Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Sops from heavyweights April 1943 (Rebuilt and streamlined for New York – Washington trains)

8033 – 8035

BAGGAGE 21 CREW DORMITORY CARS Rebuilt and streamlined by Altoona Shops from heavyweights in April, 1943 (Rebuilt for and assigned to GENERAL)

6707 – 6708

80 REVENUE SEAT COACH Pressed Steel Car Company August 1940 (Built as demonstrator sold to PRR in April 1942 assigned to Washington – New York trains)

4045 originally Pressed Steel car demonstrator 1940

The only all-new prewar all coach streamliner owned by the PRR was the SOUTHWIND. The SOUTHWIND was a seven-car Coach streamliner built by Budd for the PRR for service between Chicago and Miami. The SOUTHWIND was one of three all coach seven car streamliners to enter service on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of December 1940 between Chicago and Miami each by a different route and each owned by a different railroad.
The first to enter service leaving Chicago was the FEC owned DIXIE FLAGLER departing over the C&EI to Evansville, between Evansville and Nashville the DIXIE FLAGLER operated on the L&N. Between Nashville and Atlanta the DIXIE FLAGLER operated over the rails of the NC&STL. The AB&C a subsidiary of the Atlantic Coast Line carried the DIXIE FLAGLER to Waycross where they handed the train over to parent ACL who forwarded the train to Jacksonville. From Jacksonville the train operated over FEC rails and with FEC diesel power to Miami. In fact the part of the trip between Jacksonville and Miami was the only part all three trains operated behind diesel power. Each operating road provided a streamlined or conventional steam engine over their parts of the routes of the DIXIE FLAGLER and SOUTHWIND. Only the IC owned CITY OF MIAMI operated with diesel power for the entire distance between Chicago and Miami.
The second train to enter service between Chicago and Miami on the eighteenth of December 1940 was the IC CITY OF MIAMI. The IC train operated over home rails between Chicago and Birmingham, the CofG between Birmingham and Albany, Georgia, and the ACL between Albany and Jacksonville. From Jacksonville to Miami the train operated over the FEC. The IC diesel operated through from Chicago to Miami.
The PRR owned SOUTHWIND began service on the 19th of December from Chicago over the longest of the three routes. The train operated over home rails between Chicago and Louisville where it was handed over to the L&N who operated the SOUTHWIND to Montgomery, from there to Jacksonville the ACL operated the SOUTHWIND. And once again between Jacksonville and Miami the SOUTHWIND operated over the FEC. The three trains operating over very different routes provided daily service between end points in each direction.
The oldest of the three streamlined seven car Coach streamliners was the DIXIE FLAGLER that had originally entered FEC daily round trip service between Miami and Jacksonville as the HENRY M. FLAGLER. This service began December 3, 1939 and was a dismal failure almost from the start. This was the primary reason the train became the DIXIE FLAGLER on December 17, 1940. Both the DIXIE FLAGLER and SOUTHWIND were seven car COACH streamliners built by Budd. The IC CITY OF MIAMI was a seven-car streamliner from Pullman Standard. The DIXIE FLAGLER retained its stainless steel exterior while the PRR train and IC trains were both painted even though the former was stainless steel under the PRR paint. The SOUTHWINDS cars were numbered only, the CITY OF MIAMI cars were numbered and named and the DIXIE FLAGLERS cars were named only. All three trains were very similar in interior arrangements and appointments.
The first car in the SOUTHWIND consist was a Baggage 17 Crew Dormitory 18 seat Coach Combination numbered 6700. This was trailed by two 60 revenue seat Coaches 4022 and 4023, a 48 seat Dining car 4518, two more 60 revenue seat Coaches 4020 and 4021 and bringing up the markers was Buffet 16 seat dinette 35 seat lounge Observation 1126.
All three trains would eventually add heavyweight sleeping cars and later streamlined sleeping cars after the war. In spite of the three routes differing mileage’s the three all Coach streamliners departed Chicago and Miami at the same time’s daily. The DIXIE FLAGLER route was the shortest of the three at 1,434, followed by the CITY OF MIAMI route at 1,493 and the SOUTHWIND route at 1,559 was the longest.
The revenue seating capacity of all three trains was similar when they entered service with the DIXIE FLAGLER seating 246, CITY OF MIAMI 254, and the SOUTHWIND seating 258.
When Amtrak took over the nations passenger trains the SOUTHWIND route was chosen by the national passenger carrier but the name of the train was FLORIDIAN.

BAGGAGE 17 CREW DORMITORY 18 SEAT COACH COMBINATION Budd Company November 1940 (Built for and assigned to SOUTHWIND)


60 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Budd Company November 1940 (Built for and assigned to SOUTHWIND)

4020 – 4023

48 SEAT DINING CAR Budd Company November 1940 (Built for and assigned to SOUTHWIND)


BUFFET 16 SEAT DINETTE 35 SEAT LOUNGE OBSERVATION Budd Company November 1940 (Built for and assigned to SOUTHWIND)


Following WW II the PRR joined the ranks of railroads awaiting new car deliveries and made a decision to construct a large number of cars at their own Altoona Shops. Instead of rebuilding and streamlining older heavyweight cars these would be new cars from the wheels up. One of the first orders undertaken by Altoona Shops was for the construction of seventy 44-revenue seat lightweight streamlined coaches delivered between December 1946 and July 1947 numbered 4100 – 4169. These cars were constructed to replace the prewar cars in the TRAIL BLAZER and JEFFERSONIAN and supplement the older cars in other long distance trains. These cars were not equipped with leg rest seats as most postwar 44-revenue seat coaches were on the western railroads.
An additional twenty-four 44 revenue seat Coaches were delivered by American Car & Foundry to the PRR between October and December 1947 numbered 4068 – 4091. These cars were assigned to the same pool of cars as the Altoona built cars for service in the TRAIL BLAZER and JEFFERSONIAN as well as other long distance trains.
To complete the re-equipping of the postwar TRAIL BLAZER and JEFFERSONIAN Altoona shops built five new-streamlined lightweight Dining Room – Crew Dormitory Kitchen car sets for these trains numbers 4590 –4599. Five Baggage Bar 27 seat Lounge Combination cars 6695-6699 were built for the trains by Altoona shops in September – October 1947 for operation in the TRAIL BLAZER and JEFFERSONIAN. The Altoona Shops also constructed five Buffet 16 seat Dinette 37 seat lounge Observations with the Blunt end adopted postwar by the PRR numbered 1132-1136 with two being assigned to the TRAIL BLAZER and three to the JEFFERSONIAN.
The postwar JEFFERSONIAN received three of the most interesting cars ever constructed for a railroad from American Car & Foundry in February – March 1948 the Recreation cars numbered 7300 –7302. These cars featured a buffet, 24 seat sunken cocktail lounge, and 6 seat Nursery, 6 Seat Theater, and pin-ball machine. Only the C&O would order similar cars for their stillborn CHESSIE but only the PRR cars would enter service for their original owner.

BAGGAGE BAR 27 SEAT LOUNGE CARS PRR Altoona Shops September – October 1947 (Built for and assigned to TRAIL BLAZER – JEFFERSONIAN)


6695, 6696



44 REVENUE EAT LONG DISTANCE COACHES PRR Altoona Shops December 1946 – July 1947 (Built for and assigned to TRAIL BLAZER – JEFFERSONIAN and other long distance trains)

4100 – 4169

44 REVENUE SEAT LONG DISTANCE COACHES American Car & Foundry October – December 1947 (Built for and assigned to TRAIL BLAZER – JEFFERSONIAN – General Service)

4068 – 4091

68 SEAT DINING ROOM CAR WITH 4 SEAT WAITING AREA PRR Altoona Shops October – December 1948 (Built for and assigned to TRAIL BLAZER and JEFFERSONIAN)


4590, 4592


4594, 4596, 4598



4591, 4593


4595, 4597, 4599

BUFFET 24 SEAT COCKTAIL LOUNGE 13 SEAT LOUNGE 6 SEAT NURSERY 6 SEAT THEATER RECREATION CARS American Car & Foundry February – March 1948 (Built for and assigned to JEFFERSONIAN)

7300 – 7302

BUFFET 16 SEAT DINETTE 37 seat LOUNGE OBSERVATIONS PRR Altoona Shops January – February 1948 (Built for and assigned to TRAIL BLAZER and JEFFERSONIAN)


1132, 1133


1134 – 1136

The PRR purchased two cars from Budd delivered in September 1949 for assignment to the GOLDEN TRIANGLE between Chicago and Pittsburgh. The two cars delivered in the fall of 1949 contained a Bar 21 seat Lounge and 21 revenue coach seats and were numbered 1151 and 1152. These were the only cars purchased specifically for assignment to the GOLDEN TRIANGLE and within months of delivery the two cars were assigned to general service.
Two 54-revenue seat Coaches were delivered to the PRR by Budd for assignment to the SOUTHWIND numbered 4043 and 4044.
The PRR received 22 additional unpainted stainless steel Coaches in March – April 1947 for assignment to ACL and SAL through trains between New York - Georgia and Florida. The twelve 54-revenue seat Coaches 4046 - 4057 were built for the ACL CHAMPIONS and the ten 52-revenue seat Coaches 4058 - 4067 were for assignment to the SAL SILVER METEOR, SILVER COMET, and SILVER STAR.

BAR 21-SEAT LOUNGE 28-REVENUE SEAT COACHES Budd Company September 1940 (Built for and assigned to GOLDEN TRIANGLE)

1151, 1152

52 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Budd Company January 1950 (Built for and assigned to SOUTHWIND)

4043, 4044

53 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Budd Company March – April 1947 (Built for and assigned to ACL Florida – New York trains)

4046 – 4057

50 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Budd Company April 1947 (Built for and assigned to SAL Florida – New York trains)

4058 – 4067

The PRR operated numerous named trains between New York and Washington but none more famous than the CONGRESSIONAL. The PRR had always lavished the best heavyweight cars on this train and when it came time to streamline the CONGRESSIONALS the PRR spared no expense. The equipment for the CONGESSIONALS was built by Budd and this time remained in its stainless steel except for the letter board above the windows painted Tuscan red with yellow lettering PENNSYLVANIA on the Tuscan red background. The CONGRESSIONAL was not only for coach passengers but Parlor car patrons as well with some of the finest streamlined cars of this type operated by any railroad including the Conference room cars found on no other train in America in regular service. The new streamlined CONGRESSIONALS entered service on March 17, 1952 using two eighteen car consists. They operated behind the famous GG-1 Electric Locomotives and provided two round trips daily. Each of the eighteen car CONGRESSIONALS seated 480 in Coach and 223 in Parlor for a train total of 703 passengers each. Each of the eight coaches seated 60 with an additional 14 seat-smoking lounge. Dividing the eight coaches was an 18 seat Lunch Counter 22 seat Tavern lounge Car. Separating the forward coach section of the CONGRESSIONAL from the Parlor Car section was a twin unit dining car set. One seats 72 the Dining Room Car the other having a Kitchen and 21 seat Bar Lounge. Directly behind the twin unit dining car set was a seven Conference Room Parlor car-featuring seating for 35 total with a telephone room to make on board calls throughout the world if necessary. The small conference rooms could be opened up en-suite to form a larger room more like a boardroom. This was trailed by five 29-seat Parlor cars each with a 5-seat drawing room as well. The blunt end observation featured 18 Parlor seats forward with a buffet and 25 lounge seats at the observation end.
At the same time as the new streamlined CONGRESSIONALS were inaugurated the PRR also inaugurated new SENATORS between Boston – New York – Washington daily in each direction. The cars for the SENATOR were built at the same time as those for the CONGRESSIONAL with Coaches and Parlors identical for both trains. Both the CONGRESSIONALS and SENATORS carried eight coaches in their consists but the SENATOR carried five ahead of its Lunch Counter Tavern Lounge cars and three trailing where the CONGRESSIONAL was evenly divided with four ahead and four behind the Lunch Counter Tavern Lounge Cars. To the rear of the eight coaches was a 48 seat dining car trailed by three parlor cars identical to those of the CONGRESSIONALS and the fourteenth car in each consist was a 14 seat parlor Telephone Room Buffet 25 seat lounge Observation. The Coach seating capacity of the SENATOR was identical to that of the CONGRESSIONALS at 480. The Parlor seating for the SENATORS was quite a bit less at 116 per consists. In any event these were just for the initial consists and within months the consists varied with less cars on some days and the maximum on others. Initially the PRR kept the CONGRESSIONALS and SENATORS assigned cars separate from the other but this soon changed and they were freely interchanged with the other. The listings below are as the cars were originally assigned.

60 REVENUE SEAT COACHES WITH 14 SEAT SMOKING LOUNGE Budd Company October 1951 – January 1952 (Built for and assigned to CONGRESSIONALS and SENATORS)


1568 – 1583


1584 – 1599

18 SEAT LUNCH COUNTER TAVERN 22 SEAT LOUNGE CARS Budd Company October 1951 – January 1952 (Built for and assigned to CONGRESSIONALS and SENATORS)


1153, 1154


1155, 1156

48 SEAT DINING CARS Budd Company October 1952 – January 1952 (Built for and assigned to SENATORS)

4525, 4526

KITCHEN-BAR 21 SEAT LOUNGE CARS (odd Numbers) paired with 72 SEAT DINING ROOM CARS (even numbers) Budd Company October 1952 – January 1952 (Built for and assigned to CONGRESSIONALS)


7-PARLOR DRAWING ROOM CONFERENCE CARS WITH TELEPHONE ROOM Budd Company October 1951 – January 1952 (Built for and assigned to CONGRESSIONALS)



29 SEAT PARLOR CARS WITH 5 SEAT PARLOR DRAWING ROOM Budd Company October 1951 – January 1952 (Built for and assigned to CONGRESSIONALS and SENATORS)



















14 SEAT PARLOR TELEPHONE ROOM BUFFET 25 SEAT LOUNGE OBSERVATIONS Budd Company October 1951 – January 1952 (Built for and assigned to SENATORS)



18 SEAT PARLOR BUFFET 25 SEAT LOUNGE OBSERVATIONS Budd Company October 1951 – January 1952 (Built for and assigned to CONGRESSIONALS)



For their next new streamliner the PRR once again turned to Budd for a new train, instead they got a whole new concept from the number two-passenger car manufacturer. The Budd Company was fast earning the reputation of becoming the innovator in car design and the new PRR train named the KEYSTONE was no exception. The Budd Company delivered the nine cars that comprised the KEYSTONE in June 1956 to the PRR. The first car 9600 was the power car that provided the trailing cars with electric power for heating, lighting and air conditioning; the 9600 also contained a food service area for crew members to take food to passengers at their seats. Access to this car was for crew only and for this reason it was found at one end of the KEYSTONE train or the other. The 9600 was easily recognizable as it was only 53’ in length and height was 11’9” nearly two feet lower than a standard streamlined coach at 13’6” was. The remaining eight cars of the KEYSTONE were 11’11” in height and a standard 85’ in length. Even with this difference in height the cars could be coupled to standard height streamlined cars, as the diaphragms were compatible. If the KEYSTONE equipment was operated with other cars it was always ahead of the KEYSTONE so steam heat could be drawn from the GG-1. As the KEYSTONE Equipment provided its own power car for hotel power it was a forerunner of what would come to Amtrak. Each of the eight cars numbers 9601 – 9608 resembled standard 85’ cars in length although lower in height. At the one end of the cars above the trucks was a pair of restrooms and Coach seating for 12. From that point one descended three stairs to the depressed center of the car where seating could be found for 56. One then climbed three stairs o the area above the other truck where a 14 seat Smoking lounge was located and a vestibule was located. For a brief period a sixteen-seat dinette was installed in place of the 14 seat Smoking section in cars 9601 and 9602, the 9600 power-Kitchen car was then operated mid train between these two cars. The capacity of the train was 544 revenue seats as delivered. Amtrak purchased the entire KEYSTONE train set and then it was almost as if they didn’t know what to do with it as they used it very little.

53’ KEYSTONE POWER – KITCHEN CAR Budd Company June, 1956 (Built for and assigned to KEYSTONE service)


68 REVENUE SEAT KEYSTONE COACHES WITH 14 SEAT SMOKING LOUNGE Budd Company June 1956 (Built for and assigned to KEYSTONE service)

9601 – 9607

The PRR like many other roads in the early 1960’s found themselves with excess sleeping car capacity and a shortage of coach seating capacity. As more and more of the first class clientele of the railroads took to the airways. The simplest and least expensive solution for the PRR was to convert sleeping cars to coaches. With that in mind the PRR shipped fifty Budd built 21 roomette INN series sleeping cars to Altoona for conversion to coaches. Forty-eight of the roomettes would be rebuilt to 76 revenue seat Coaches with eight seat smoking lounges numbered 1500 - 1547 and the remaining two were rebuilt to 70 seat coaches with snack bars and numbered 1548, 1549.

76-REVENUE SEAT COACHES WITH 8 SEAT SMOKING LOUNGES Rebuilt by Altoona Shops from 21 Roomette Sleeping cars


1500 originally CARNEGIE INN accounting number 8250

1501 originally MASSILON INN accounting number 8273

1502 originally PRINCETON INN accounting number 8279

1505 originally LEWISTOWN INN accounting number 8267


1503 ex JACOB J. VANDERGRIFT originally ALLIANCE INN accounting number 8241

1504 originally TIFFIN INN accounting number 8286

1506 originally JEANETTE INN accounting number 8263

1507 originally BEAVER FALLS INN accounting number 8244

1508 originally COLLINSVILLE INN accounting number 8254

1509 ex PETER SHOENBERGER originally BRADDOCK INN accounting number 8246

1510 originally SALEM INN accounting number 8281

1511 originally PETOSKEY INN accounting number 8277

1512 ex JOHN PITCAIRN originally LIMA INN accounting number 8268

1513 originally NORRISTOWN INN accounting number 8275

1514 originally ELMIRA INN accounting number 8257

1515 ex JEFFERY SCAIFE originally PIQUA INN accounting number 8278

1517 originally KOKOMO INN accounting number 8265

1518 ex E.T.WEIR originally GRAND RAPIDS INN accounting number 8259

1520 originally VAN WERT INN accounting number 8290

1521 originally SHARON INN accounting number 8283

1522 originally CINCINNATI INN accounting number 8264

1523 originally BEDFORD INN accounting number 8245

1524 ex B.F.JONES ex JAMES HAY REED originally TYRONE INN accounting number 8287

1525 originally LOCK HAVEN INN accounting number 8269

1526 originally HAGERSTOWN INN
Accounting number 8261

1527 originally COATESVILLE INN accounting number 8253

1528 originally STEUBENVILLE INN accounting number 8284


1516 ex HENRY S. SPANG originally BUCYRUS INN accounting number 8247

1519 originally HAMILTON INN accounting number 8262

1529 originally LATROBE INN accounting number 8266

1530 originally MARIETTA INN accounting number 8272

1531 originally RAVENNA INN accounting number 8280

1532 originally OLEAN INN accounting number 8276

1533 originally COSHOCTON INN accounting number 8255

1534 originally CULVER INN accounting number 8256

1535 originally SEWICKLEY INN accounting number 8282

1536 originally ASHTABULA INN accounting number 8243

1537 originally FRANKLIN INN accounting number 8258

1538 originally LOGANSPORT INN accounting number 8270

1539 originally NEW CASTLE INN accounting number 8274

1540 originally GREENSBURG INN accounting number 8260

1541 originally ANDERSON INN accounting number 8242

1542 originally MANSFIELD INN accounting number 8271

1543 originally URBANA INN accounting number 8289

1544 originally CHAMBERSBURG INN accounting number 8251

1545 originally BUTLER INN accounting number 8248

1546 ex WILLIAM THAW originally CHESTER INN accounting number 8252

1547 originally CAMBRIDGE INN accounting number 8249

70 REVENUE SEAT COACHES WITH SNACK BAR Rebuilt by Altoona Shops from 21 Roomette Sleeping cars in the INN series


1548 originally SUNBURY INN accounting number 8285


1549 originally UNIONTOWN INN accounting number 8298

In 1964 the PRR purchased twenty used sleeping cars from the N&W that were no longer in use by that road. The PRR shopped all of these cars at their Altoona facilities and rebuilt them to coaches before they entered PRR service. Nine of these cars 1480 – 1488 were rebuilt to 84 –revenue seat coaches and the remaining eleven 1489 – 1499 were rebuilt to 72 revenue seat Coaches with snack bars. All of these cars just as the previous rebuilds were assigned to Northeast corridor trains. Budd originally constructed these cars like the previous 21-roomette sleepers.

84 REVENUE SEAT COACHES Rebuilt by Altoona Shops from N&W 10-6 Sleeping cars purchased by the PRR

JULY 1964


1481 originally N&W CAMPBELL COUNTY

1482 originally N&W MERCER COUNTY


1487 originally ROANOKE COLLEGE


1483 originally N&W FRANKLIN COUNTY



1488 originally N&W EMORY & HENRY COLLEGE

72 REVENUE SEAT COACHES WITH SNACK BARS Rebuilt by Altoona Shops from N&W 10-6 sleeping cars


1489 originally N&W SCIOTA COUNTY

1491 originally N&W MINGO COUNTY

1492 originally N&W PIKE COUNTY


1490 originally N&W AUGUSTA COUNTY

1493 originally N&W PULASKI COUNTY

1494 originally N&W WYTHE COUNTY

1495 originally N&W HAMDEN – SYDNEY COLLEGE

1496 originally N&W HOLLINS COLLEGE

1497 originally N&W DUKE UNIVERSITY



In September 1965 the PRR Altoona facility shopped 44-revenue seat coach 4100 originally built in that facility in 1946 for rebuilding and increasing seating capacity to 60. After the rust had been removed from this car after nineteen years of service the PRR discovered the car needed extensive frame and replacement siding that the PRR had not been expecting. The original intent was to rebuild the entire series of these cars but only 4100 was rebuilt and numbered 3600. The 4100 had originally emerged from the Altoona Shops in December 1946.
The PRR received twenty-five used 64 revenue seat coaches from the NYC between July and October 1967. These Pullman Standard built cars of 1956 were the last cars received by the PRR before the merger with the NYC and New Haven took place. The cars were assigned to general service after renumbering 1400 - 1424 but were most often found in trains in the corridor.


1400 originally NYC 3003

1401 originally NYC 3117

1402 originally NYC 3064

1403 originally NYC 3080

1404 originally NYC 3039

1405 originally NYC 3115

1406 originally NYC 3097

1407 originally NYC 3115

1408 originally NYC 3023

1409 originally NYC 3144

1410 originally NYC 3013

1411 originally NYC 3015

1412 originally NYC 3036

1413 originally NYC 3038

1414 originally NYC 3046

1415 originally NYC 3055

1416 originally NYC 3056

1417 originally NYC 3062

1418 originally NYC 3076

1419 originally NYC 3093

1420 originally NYC 3094

1421 originally NYC 3112

1422 originally NYC 3128

1423 originally NYC 3130

1424 originally NYC 3152

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Posted by siberianmo on Thursday, May 18, 2006 6:58 PM
G'day Gents!

68 isn’t old – it’s ANCIENT! [swg]

Many THANX to:
Nick – Doug – Ted – Lars – Pete – CM3 – Rob ‘n Al for the [bday] wishes throughout the day! [tup]

Now that the “appointed hour” has arrived – let the Bash begin! [yeah]

From the looks of the place, some of you have been working “under cover” and overtime in order to create such a festive look. Boris ‘n Leon in their “dress overalls – with cummerbunds” – the gals in their finest Victoria’s Secret almost-attire – and even Awk ‘n Tex decked out in B’day finery! [swg]

I’ll just strap myself into this fine custom stool that Count Robulla ‘n the H&H gals gave me and await the “action!” [tup]

Tom [4:-)] [oX)]
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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:10 PM

Hey Hey! I see the Birthday Boy is here!! Happy Birthday Tom!

By the way ...does this look familiar?

Just wonderin' ...and now ..let me buy you a drink!

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Posted by siberianmo on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:11 PM
Hey Guys!

Just thought of something as I've watched several of you "peeking in." Don't forget to use the RELOAD/REFRESH feature - repeatedly if you want to get the MOST CURRENT POSTS! Simply logging on and "stting there" isn't going to do it.

Pete Appreciate those "custom" brews . . . very clever indeed! Also, received your card 'n gifts in the mail today! THANX - very, very thoughtful of you and your bride! [tup]

As I said ealier in the day, I WILL READ everything Posted today - just haven't had the time so far. And yes - the ballgame was a good one and of course we appreciated the win! That's 2 out of 3 from the Mets - a very good team, fer sure, fer sure!

Cindy I'll have a Keiths thanx! [tup]

Tom[4:-)] [oX)]
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Posted by wanswheel on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:14 PM
Hi Tom and everyone, a round for the house. PRR electric train, engine number 4767, engine type GE 2-C-2 (P5A) Train #22, Manhattan Ltd.; 15 cars, 60 MPH. Photographed: Colonia, N.J., August 21, 1933. PRR electric train, engine number 4718, engine type BLW-WESTHSE 2-C-2 (P5A) Passenger train; 8 cars. Photographed: near Stelton, N.J., August 19, 1937 PRR electric train, engine number 4811, engine type GE 2-C+C-2 (GG1) Train #132, passenger train; 12 cars. Photographed: leaving Washington, D.C., August 6, 1936. PRR electric train, engine number 4839, engine type PRR 2-C+C-2 (GG1) Train #173, The Federal; 12 cars. Photographed: at Washington, D.C., August 3, 1939 View of a California Zephyr train on Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad tracks at the east portal of the Moffat Tunnel in Gilpin County, Colorado. Passenger observation cars read: "Silver Bronco," "D.& R.G.W." and "C.B.& O." "Moffat Tunnel, 1923, 1927" is carved in the arch above the tunnel. D&RGW locomotive (Narrow Gauge), engine number 493, engine type 2-8-2 Three-quarter view of right side of engine, from front end. Photographed: Salida, Colo., May 18, 1938

Cleveland Indians 7, Philadelphia Athletics 2 at League Park
Washington Senators 5, Detroit Tigers 1 at Tiger Stadium
New York Yankees 11, St. Louis Browns 7 at Sportsman's Park
Boston Braves 2, Pittsburgh Pirates 1 at Braves Field
St. Louis Cardinals 12, Brooklyn Dodgers 4 at Ebbets Field
Chicago Cubs 4, New York Giants 2 at Polo Grounds

That Wonderful Year Staten Island Rapid Transit S.I.R.T

New Haven RS11's 1411 & 1412 in a McGinnis paint scheme of black and orange lead a passenger train past the signals at New London, CT on July 1, 1956.

Semper Paratus

[bday]Happy Birthday Tom
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Hey Doug

So it WAS YOU!! The patch arrived in the mail on Tuesday and I racked my brain wondering who in blazes the guy in Alberta who sent it to me could possibly be. Then the "trained investigator" in me came through - yes 12 weeks of resident training back in 1975 - and I figured that it had to come from here. Why? Because of the address "anomoly" that only I know about and only those of you involved in the RR Book Relay! would have! [swg] THANX very much - a nice suprise (with a twist, fer sure, fer sure!) and something I'll add to my Can-Am Trainroom display area! [tup]

Let's have a drink!!!

Tom[4:-)] [oX)]
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Hiya Mike!

Many THANX for those URLs - I will check 'em all out! [tup] Noted that the May 18th, 1938 scoreboard had "my" Dodgers of Brooklyn losing to the Cardinals of St. Louis - a two-team city back then! Just for the record: Philadelphia had the Athletics and the Phillies - Boston had the Red Sox and the Braves - New York had the Yankees, Dodgers & Giants - St. Louis had the Cardinals and Browns and of course Chicago had the White Sox and Cubs. Just 8 teams in each league - no playoffs unless there was a tie at the end of the season. If that happened, the American League played one game to determine the winner, whereas the National League used a 2 out of 3 format. [swg]

Thanx again and glad you made it in . . . . [tup]

Tom'[4:-)] [oX)]
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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:27 PM

Ah ha! Yesy I admit it was me who arranged for the patch. It was an E-Bay acquisition, and the seller agreed to mail it directly to you (as long as I agreed that you would also buy a dozen magazine subscriptions), and keep my name out of it completely! What a great guy!! Anyhow ..glad to hear that you got it. Here's what his little blurb said about the: Canadian National Railway-Conductor Locomotive Operator - Cloth Patch.

"CLO's are Conductor's that are qualified to operate locomotives for short distances/times, thus giving the Locomotive Engineer a food/bathroom break.
They take a similar but abbreviated Locomotive Engineer's training course."

Is any of this true? I dunno, but it sounded true, so I bought it.

Hey ...I think the party is starting to get out of control......
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Posted by jlampke on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:31 PM
Evenin' Gents, and Happy Birthday to you, Tom.
[bday] [bday] [bday] [bday] [bday] [bday] [bday]
I'll have an Absolute & grapefruit, and a round for the house, please.
First off, I missed the April 12th bash, and I'm sorry for that. [*^_^*] [B)] I said I would be there, and fully intended to, but travel and the inavailability of a computer that day threw a wrench into my plans. I've been staying in hotels here and there since I left Korea last month: Portland, San Diego, and Washington DC, and just haven't been in a position to be able to spend any time at a computer. I'm in Silver Springs, Maryland, right now.
I passed my Chief Enginer's test at the Coast Guard in Portland last month. Huge relief. While in town, I drove over to the Brooklyn Roundhouse one afternoon to say hi. I was home in Oregon last week for one week. Me and a friend from school days took our quads and rode through the tunnel West of Noti on the Coos Bay line. I've heard it's the longest tunnel in Oregon. Always wanted to ride or walk through it. Completed in 1914 by Southern Pacific.
I'll be returning to Oregon for a week on Saturday, then out to the ship about a week later. Anyway, don't write me off as a lost cause... I haven't forgotten you guys, just been on the move and busy.
Anyway, again, Happy Birthday Tom.
[bday] [bday] [bday] [bday] [bday] [bday] [bday]

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Posted by LoveDomes on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:37 PM

Hello Cap’n Tom!

Well, YOUR day and YOUR Bash has finally arrived! [tup] Glad to spend part of it with you. Cindy my deaAH – a tankard of your finest brew! Oh [?] Schaefer will be just fine! [swg]

As you know, we’re leaving in the morning for Chicago – then board the California Zephyr for our trip to the left coast. So, my time tonight will be limited.

You should now that BK – Budd wanted me to pass Best Wishes to you from Mr. & Mrs. Karr! [utp] Also, jdonald Don asked me to do the same, as he’s in the olde country now and cannot be with us. [tup]

Hope this night turns out to be every bit as much fun as you’ve provided for many of us. The idea of the Birthday Bash began with you and from what I’ve witnessed (and researched) you’ve really put a lot into these things. Now it’s our turn! [tup]

This little touch of “home” is just for you . . . .

The map of the S.I.R.T. (1953)

Have a GREAT TRIP to and in Alaska and see ya in mid-June!


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Posted by LoveDomes on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:40 PM
Hey John!

Congrats! Chief Engineer - a long haul, but quite an accomplishment! Have on on me - make it two! [tup]

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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:46 PM

Hi again everyone! I think it was the track and signal guys dressed as Teletubbies, and not the actual ones. All I know is I'm staying just as far away from them as I can!

Wonderful to see ya'll come out in support of our leaders birthday. Lots of great posts are mixed-in with well-deserved Birthday wishes. I think it's going great! SOmeone take these Michigan quarters off my hands, and let's have some tunes!

Hey look! The Spice girls arrived!

[:I] A teacher asks her students if they're Mets fans. All of the hands go up except for one student.
"Okay, Bobby. What team are you a fan of?"
"The Cardinals."
"Why's that?"
"Well, my parents are both Cardinal fans, so I'm a Cardinal fan too."
"That's not a good answer, Bobby. If your parents were both morons, would you be a moron too?"
"No, that would make me a Mets fan!" [:I]

(Sorry Lars's his birthday)
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Posted by pwolfe on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:47 PM
Hi Tom and all.

HOORAY the birthday boy is here [bday] TOM

Nice pics I hope TOM thinks but what have they got to do with me[?] Well these are pics of the magnificent A4s known as Streaks or Gresley's masterpiece. On May 17th 1938 a brand new member of the class was built at Doncaster works of the LNER , so she probably ran for the first time on May 18th. Her first number was 4900 and renumbered in1946 as 33 and finally in BR days as 60033 she carried the name GANNET apt as Tom had a seafaring career.The loco kept her name throughtout her career working the crack expresses on the East Coast Main Line
Around the same time the LMS was building the splendid Duchess class locos but like the grand Ladies they were named after it is very difficult to find their exact age, but by a Our Place coincidence it could well have been the same numbered loco as in DOUG's post this morning 6231 which carried the name DUCHESS OF ATHOL.

In the 46 renumbering there was a loco 68 SIR VISTO an LNER A3 same class as the Flying Scotsman. like most of the A3s #68 is named after a famous race-horse, SIR VISTO won the 1895 English Derby.
Wouldn't it be great if Amtrak named their locos after American Derby winners.

Well its great to see DOUG ,MIKE JOHN AND LARS in ,when I start to fancy those threein the picture at the table Doug stop me drinking[:D].
[wow]CINDY you look smart this evening PETE.
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Posted by siberianmo on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:49 PM
Evenin' Doug - John 'n Lars!

Appreciate you guys being here and many ThANX for the best wishes, et al!

Doug the patch is a rare gem and a true keepsake. [tup]

John My congrats to you for your accomplishment - Chief Engineer! [wow] And, of course we hope to see ya 'round the bar a bit more often . . . we've missed you! [tup]

Lars What can I say that hasn't been passed to you via Email [?] Hope all turns out well for you and your family and try very, very hard to ENJOY yourselves. Gotta get the stress level down, down, down - easier said than done, I know - but try just the same! [tup]

Cindy Another frosty cold Keiths please . . . . [swg]

Tom[4:-)] [oX)]
Happy Railroading! Siberianmo
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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:56 PM

OK ... I think we need rules about mascot drinking around here. It's not even 8:00, and look!

I have to step out for the next hour, but I will return! Happy Birthday again Tom!

[:I] A man comes home late one night, drunk.
"Where have you been?" asks his wife.
"In the Golden Bar! They have golden chairs, golden glasses, golden beer, and a golden urinal!" This sounds awfully suspicious to the wife, who calls the Golden Bar.
"Do you have golden chairs?"
"Do you have golden glasses?"
"Do you have golden beer?"
"Do you have a golden urinal?"
"Hold on." On the other end, she hears "I think we have a line on the guy who pissed in your saxophone." [:I]
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Posted by siberianmo on Thursday, May 18, 2006 8:06 PM
Hey Doug!

Great jokes! Really had me going with that last one . . . . heard it told years 'n years ago and it's still funny!

Cindy my mug is empty (again!) [swg]

Tom[4:-)] [oX)]
Happy Railroading! Siberianmo
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Posted by trolleyboy on Thursday, May 18, 2006 8:07 PM
Good evening SirTom [bday][bday][bday] Wishes for you. I see that Doug's brought the entertainment in with him. I think that we will let them waarm up in the rats patoot room [:O]

John Good to see you and congrats on the passing of the engineers coarses 5x[tup] for that.

Oh Tom here's an oldy but goody for you. Boris's new bathtub toy [swg]

Pete lets break out somemore of that Green and Red brew Tom and the trackgang ur teletubies aren't happy enough yet.

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Posted by siberianmo on Thursday, May 18, 2006 8:22 PM
Hi Rob!

Appreciate the greeting & Pix . . . latter brings back memories.

USCGC Ingham (WPG 35)

more info at:

Tom[4:-)] [oX)]
Happy Railroading! Siberianmo
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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, May 18, 2006 8:23 PM
Well here it is, a[bday] as good it gets: such a day that everyone will always think back and wonder how in hell a group like this could come together. We all know it never could happen but for the efforts of one person and "one person only;" Yes, Cap'n Tom who's relentless efforts for keeping a bunch of wild Railroad mavericks "in tow." Having had the hono(u)r of meeting himslef in person, may I say, a more dedicated person to the individual and to railroadiana simply isn't "out there." Who else could bring the best out of all of us...I don't know? A toast to the Aristotle, Plato and Socraties of all Forums is now in order: may we lift our cups to one heck of a pihlosopher, mentor and "esteamed" human being on his 68th [bday] and his incredible work which brought us together. For those of you who haven't had a "one on one" talk with our "ole buddy," come to St Louis, MO 2007. Thanks for all you have done you old fart you.

Get off the chandalier Boris, that's not a LaBatts, it's a "Canadian" Pilsner! [alien] Happy birthday my friend, Ted
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Posted by trolleyboy on Thursday, May 18, 2006 8:24 PM
Tom I see that you and I are drinking alone at the moment ( unless you count the errant costumned characters ) here's the other half of your birthday presant tonight.

My ugs empty again too. Leon another round of the green stuff for Tom and I [swg]
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Posted by trolleyboy on Thursday, May 18, 2006 8:32 PM
Ted you crazy critter [;)] I'm glad you made it in. Yes truly cap'n Tom is the real deal [bow][bow] And one heck of bar owber i must say. I'm glad you liked the shot of that cutter, the only good shot of her I managed to get last time I was at Patriots Point, one heck of a museum I must say. pete I see that you are back in, I've got H&H working on a new batch of hammer, not to worry it did not explode this time it's located in the tank of that hazmat truck parked out accross the tracks. The local fire department is on hand for when we tap it. [:O][xx(]

Boris clang up anotha round sir bwooong gwoong bwooong Ah music to my ears. Not to worry Tom the gold plated clapper is only out for the party [:P]

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Posted by siberianmo on Thursday, May 18, 2006 8:35 PM
Hello Ted 'n Rob (again!)

Many THANX for that most illustrious toast - surely not for Moi! You have a way with woids, you smoothie, you! [swg]

Old fart [?] Well, I suppose it the shoe fits . . . Old R Us, eh Ted [swg]

Nice Pix, Rob you surely know what works for me, eh [?] Oh by the by, better get those glasses checked - that's Cindy behind the bar tonight! Leon is in the back, keeping the Track Gangs contained . . . <ohhhhhhh>

Glad to see Ted made it in - wouldn't have been "right" without him - now we need Nick!!

I'm gonna check out pretty soon, guys - but will stick around for a bit longer, as I see some of you "peeking in" . . . .

Tom[4:-)] [oX)]
Happy Railroading! Siberianmo
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Posted by trolleyboy on Thursday, May 18, 2006 8:46 PM
It's that first taste of the hammerbrau That ahs me seeing ur double possibly tripple [:O][swg] My advice take it with water or tonic[tup] as it could be used as rocket fuel or paint remover. It will certainly put a curl in your hair [:O] ( grow it in some cases [:P] )

Glad you liked those two RDC shots one PGE one in the proper Green BC rail colours ! Here's one more to flik your bic !

Oh and here's the cleanup vehicle for after the party's overwith



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