First BN Freight 97 in and out of Northtown.

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First BN Freight 97 in and out of Northtown.
Posted by NP Eddie on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 6:16 PM

This post might be a bit easier than the first post of NP-GN interchange points in Minneapolis.


In March of 1970 I worked the second shift at Northtown as an NP yard clerk. At 1201AM, we became the Burlington Northern and I finished my shift about 1 or 2AM.


What was the number of the lead locomotive of the very first BN freight train 97? Hint--this train operated from Chicago to Seattle and arrived with a former CBQ crew and departed with a former NP crew.


The second part of this question is a bit tricky---why was the SP&S mad about those locomotives on BN 97?


Ed Burns

Happily retired from the BNSF


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