Sound Board Replacements for 2 Lionel Locomotives

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Sound Board Replacements for 2 Lionel Locomotives
Posted by Locojunkie on Thursday, June 29, 2023 10:17 AM

Hi, Everyone, I need some direction on replacing the sound board in 2 of my Lionel Locomotives. The First I want to replace the Sounds of Steam Board in my Lionel Rock Island 4-8-4. The original board seems to be malfunctioning as it works 1/2 the time. The Second locomotive is a ACL Silver Shadow 4-6-4. I purchased this locomotive second hand. It does not have a sound system in it. The previous owner removed it. I am planning on getting a replacement tender chassis for this locomotive anyway. My questions are can I get a upgraded sound board for the 4-8-4 or a dcc board for the 4-8-4? Is there a current Lionel sound board that will work in the 4-8-4 to replace the old one? Also, is there a sound system replacement for the ACL 4-6-4 that I can purchase to upgrade it as well. Thanks ladies & gentlemen for your help as always.

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Posted by Flintlock76 on Thursday, June 29, 2023 5:02 PM

Well, the place you should have asked this question is on the "Classic Toy Trains" Forum.  Don't worry, you're not the first to make the mistake and won't be the last!

However, I think I can help you, I'm an O Gauger myself!

Original "Mighty Sound of Steam" components may be tough to find at this late date, but you can keep your fingers crossed and try Brasseur's for replacement parts.  You'll have to know the part number.

For a total system upgrade on sound ( Which is what I did on my ACL Silver Shadow, the "Mighty Sound of Steam" was more like the "Mighty Sound of SCREAM!) you can try ERR by Third Rail:  I've used this one on another engine, easy install.

Or Dallee Electronics:   I haven't tried theirs.

I replaced the "MSoS" unit in my Silver Shadow with a basic whistle and bell unit put out by Williams by Bachmann however it's not available at this time and hasn't been for almost two years, I suspect it's discontinued.

One thing I found on my Silver Shadow, there's an interrupter switch built onto the smoke unit, it cuts power to the sound unit to provide the "chuffing" effect.  You'll have to deactivate that switch to provide constant power to the sound unit in the tender since the tender gets power from the locomotive. I'm guessing your 4-8-4 is probably the same.

Certainly ask this question on the "CTT" Forum, there may be other answers out there.


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