International passenger shorts

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International passenger shorts

  • 1. RENFE in Spain has implemented 5% fare decrease  on all suburban trains. Also Spain has decreased  top highway speed limits from 110 Km/hr to 100.

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  • 2. The interim government has continued to hold the notice to proceed on the Portugal part of the Lisbon - Madrid HSR line. Their portion Lisbon - Poceirao was bid but a hold on actual construction was implemented. There is a possibility of the winning contractor may receive damages.

  • 3.  China reports 10.8 Km Shiziyang HSR tunnel under Pearl river bored thru.

  • 4.  At Menton France french iimigration officials turned back a train from Italy with an unknown number of Tunisian immigrants.

  • Isreal Railroad (IR) had  a collision of 2 double deck trains Apr 7 injuring 71` people. a few days ago minister of RRs threatened to shut down passenger service if drivers did not stop running past restricted signals. Dave K any further info?

  • Only what I read in the local newspapers.


    Am I correct in claiming that once a USA or Canadian railroad engineer has run through a red signal, only in very special circumstances will he ever operate a train on that particular railroad again?  He may be employed after a furlough in other capacities, but not as an engineer.   Am I correct?


    If this is correct I may wish "to make waves."

  • 5. Beijing - Shanghai HSL entering into final testing at 300 KM/ hr speed. No 350 Km/hr testing except for a quick proof run that line was designed for.

  • 6. A UK study says that passenger service there is costing 40% more than it should compared with continental European services. Study also says UK government subsidities are incresing (who would have thought?)

  • From Friday's WSJ: 

    7. China has ordered construction on the Tianjin - Qinhuangdao HSR line halted due to no enviromental inspections (?) of line changes. No mention if just stopped on line changes or whole line.

    8. China's Qingdao - Jinan line ordered to stop running in April because enviromental evaluation never submitted.

    9. China's total RR debt ending mar 31 was 2 Trillion Yaun or 58% of total assets. Key debt problem is low cash flow from not enough seats sold especially HSR. 

  • 10. From Wedensdays WSJ China is experiencing an electric power shortage due to extended drought (5 months) (due to LaNina) and other factors. Maybe why some HSR throttled down? This is a recurrent item each year but this year is worse and longer lasting. 3 Gorges generating water output of  9500 cubic meters / second but that cannot be sustained for much longer. Shortage at peak times 40 Gigawatts vs. 30 in 2004 (previous worse). Some locations manufacturers cut production one day in Mar, 2 days in Apr, and 3 Days in May all per week

  • A location where HSR might case some real trouble!   {Linked]

    But just think what these locals could do with a raised platform?

    Would be interesting in seeing the warning signs in the on board facilities(?)Hmm





  • 11.  UK: A new branded  1 stop "Flying Scottsman" of 4 hrs Edinburg - Newcastle - London King's Cross service started for the summer peak riding season. 19 additional trains; 10,800 additional seats every day.  (try that Amtrak? ) Generally east coast services upgraded all along the line.

    12. UK  For soome operational reason Virgin west coast services will temporarily only use 9 cars on new Pendillo instead of planned 11 cars crimping planned upgrades.

    13  UK:   ERTMS failures are causing headaches with no solution in sight. ( Watch out  US --PTC ) 

  • blue streak 1


    12. UK  For some operational reason Virgin west coast services will temporarily only use 9 cars on new Pendolino instead of planned 11 cars crimping planned upgrades.

    Only set 390054 has eleven cars. This set and three others were intended as reinforcement for the ECML without much thought. Now it has been agreed that West Coast can lease this set until the end of the franchise period. Because platform lengths, and crew training are based on 9 car sets this set will have two cars temporarily removed. When the new franchise kicks in, ~ 18 months from now this set will be restored to eleven cars and the other three 11 cars sets will also be added.

  • 14.  UK:  Due to volcanic acitvity in Iceland several flights in UK were cancelled. Network rail provided slots  for 3000 extra seats May 25 from Scotland to London. Some mtce work on west rooute was cancelled to allow service directly instead of diversions.

  • Regular service on the Shanghai-Beijing HSR started July 1.