Passenger Train Journal

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Passenger Train Journal

  • I have just run across mention of the publication entitled, Passenger Train Journal.  Can any of you please tell me your experience with this apparently interesting publication for rail travelers?  Of course, I've already found the website for its publisher, but before I subscribe I thought you all might give me your opinions about its content, value, quality, etc.  Thanks in advance.

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  • Mike Shafer is Editor and does a very creditable job.

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  • White River Productions publishes the fine journals for many railroad historical societies, as well as PTJ.  It recently ran a feature on the first 75 years of the LIRR. 

  • I find it a very worthwhile publication, but I would avoid comparing it with TRAINS and CLASSIC TRAINS, which I really consider must reading.   It would be just as much must reading if I were at all active locally in Passenger Train Advocacy.  Editorial-wise it takes a slightly more advocacy position than the Kalmbach magazines.   It also has excellent photography and good layout and writing.  Very little on freight railroading, which certainly also is of interst to me.

  • Thanks to those of you who kindly commented on my initial query regarding the Passenger Train Journal.  At least for a year, I have subscribed and look forward to its quarterly content.

  • If you are as interested in passenger trains as I am, you won't be dissapointed.

  • I wasn't aware that mag was still being published.  Man, I still miss Orange Blossom Hobbies! BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sundayniagara

    I wasn't aware that mag was still being published.  Man, I still miss Orange Blossom Hobbies!

    I was quite annoyed when, several years ago, the new publisher decided to stop publishing it--and offered all sorts of things that did not interest me. Somehow, I did not see any announcement when the current publisher began publishing it, but once I realized that it was avaialble again, I snapped up the opportunity to subscribe again, and I was able to get an copy of most, if not all of the issues I had missed. I almost wish it were a monthly publication, but four times a year is better than none.

    As the name suggests, passenger service is the appetizer, main course, and dessert in each issue.


  • Kasich banned reading it in Ohio.........

    If there are no dogs in heaven,then I want to go where they go.

  • Received my first issue (2010:4) of the Passenger Train Journal and, frankly, I am much impressed.  Not at all like Trains or Classic Trains, obviously with its more dedicated subject matter but also in layout.  Rather dense, but most informative text on a plethora of subjects.  Many photographs on each page, including lots of on-board and track-side scenes.  I mIght have wished to see more pre-WWII stories,

    The VIA story was quite interesting, though I was sort of disappointed that there was no photo of a typical bedroom, amongst its many other on-board photos.

    Thanks (again) to those of you who recommended it.  Nice call!