Early route maps show the stations five blocks apart, or three blocks as the crow flies. Businesses, politicians and transit advocate say a single station couldn’t handle future ridership demand in the booming neighborhood.

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At first glance, the plan looks like a no-brainer.

Sound Transit has promised a pair of subway stations for South Lake Union, one of the nation’s fastest-growing neighborhoods and home to thousands of transit-riding workers.

But early route maps show these stops a mere five blocks apart, or three blocks as the crow flies, because of a bend in the $6 billion light-rail corridor from downtown to Ballard.

And they’re expensive. The agency estimates the cost of a second SLU stop at over a half-billion dollars — to create a slightly larger area where people can easily walk to a train. Construction is to be done by 2035, in the ST3 plan voters passed in 2016.

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