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  • Forum Post: RE:Spare Coupler Knuckles

    As an aside, custom on some railroads was to paint or chalk the name of the engineman responsible. for the break on the broken knuckle so everyone could see it along side the track. This was crew, not officail, action.
  • Forum Post: Quietest cabs

    Hey, I'm wondering what the industry has been doing to make the cabs quieter, and free from vibration. Does anyone have any sort of documents regarding this? I am a student at BCIT and working on projects and am also curious as it will apply to my career. Thanks for any help!
  • Forum Post: RE:Passenger Rail Locomotive Costs

    I appreciate the information. I have a few additional questions. The first is does an engine electric or diesel/electric remain on idle when not pulling passengers? If it does how much electricity/diesel does it use i.e. efficiency costs? What is the average cost for either of these types of engines...