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  • Forum Post: Powering the Future

    I am going to be writing an essay (for school) on modern Diesel Locomotives entitled "Powering The Future". The main idea is about today's top 5 Diesel locomotives. I have a general idea of which ones they are, but I would like to get your opinion too. If you could please leave the top...
  • Forum Post: Hauling A Nation

    Thanks for all the guys who replied to "Powering the Future". It really helped. I got an A+! Here is a link to my paper other paper on older power: Please let me know if you have any tips, comments, or if you have any problems viewing...
  • Forum Post: Quietest cabs

    Hey, I'm wondering what the industry has been doing to make the cabs quieter, and free from vibration. Does anyone have any sort of documents regarding this? I am a student at BCIT and working on projects and am also curious as it will apply to my career. Thanks for any help!

    Hello friends . . . If I were able, I'd spend hour after enjoyable hour studying layman-level (not blueprint-level) drawings of current and historic locomotives if I knew where to find them. Imagine "peeling the top off" a locomotive front-to-rear to see, in detail, how it is laid out inside...