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  • Forum Post: SD70s and ES44s

    Are there any noticible visual differences between EMDs SD70s and GEs ES44s? the only difference that i have noticed in pictures is that the cab door on SD70s is on the right and the door is on the left on ES44s. And are there any exterior differences between AC and DC models?
  • Forum Post: Locomotive lube oil-consumption

    Twenty years ago or so a Fairbanks-Morse guy gave me a method of predicting oil passing related to cylinder circumference as I recall. I have forgotten it and have been unable to dig anything out of my old records. In that locomotives carry 300 gallons of lube oil (or more?) it is likely a significant...
  • Forum Post: Proposed GE U18B Switcher

    Does anyone know what the model designation was for the proposed end-cab switcher version of the U18B? It was designed to compete with the M420TR but was never built.
  • Forum Post: The new GE and EMD locomotives for high speed trains in USA.

    How come that General Electric Transportation systems and Electromotive Division have not designed and putting locomotives in America's Railroad market for high speed trains ? I wish now that they built to compete with their nearest competitor like Bombardier Transportation,Alstom,and Talgo like...
  • Forum Post: CSX Dash 7's - The End of an Era

    Recently, CSX announced that all remaining Dash 7 locomotives (B30-7, B36-7, not much, if anything else, is still alive) will be retired. The very last run of a Dash 7 locomotive on the CSX (B36-7, wish I knew the number) occurred in November 2009 and all units are now officially retired. This makes...
  • Forum Post: Locomotive Batteries for a GE 44 Tonner

    Hello - I am in the process of trying to find out what kind of batteries a GE 44 Tonner switcher takes. I volunteer with a Shortline and we would like to fire up this locomotive once again. We've already figured out the batteries are dead. The only problem is figuring out what we need. Can anyone...
  • Forum Post: Locomotive Shops

    After reading The Spirit of Cumberland article in the March 2012 TrainsMag I decided to join this forum. The topic of rail vehicle maintenance and engineering is my primary interest and if anyone has any good links or resources, I would appreciate a response. Thanks. While I am particularly interested...
  • Forum Post: RE: Diesels Catalogued, but not Built

    You are forgetting some of the most prolific builders of engines I. E. the dinkies and swithers such as whicombs and others. they are more of these types than ever were made by road diesel manufactures. some are in museums and some are just memories? any takers 4 the next list. think Pa. the standard...
  • Forum Post: Amtrak GE Genesis #128

    I saw Amtrak's GE Genesis #128 locomotive two days before it crashed on 2/1/2012. I really want to know the details of the engine, and if it's going back in service or not, or if it's in service again.