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  • Forum Post: CSX's Heavily Balasted, CW44AH Locomotives

    Sometime back TRAINS did an article on the CSX's GE CW44AH locomotives used on their mountainous grades out of the Grafton, W.Va. area. These engines I think had been balasted to some where around 250 tons( give or take a little weight). They were further equiped with a high adhesion software package...
  • Forum Post: Re: CSX Dash 7's - The End of an Era

    The older GE units were unreliable and miserable to run not to mention they rode like a buckboard. They would jar your kidneys the whole trip.Filthy, stinking U-boats good riddance, sorry to tell you how most engineers felt about them.The older GE units were horrible to work on. The newer Dash 9 and...
  • Forum Post: Locomotive Shops

    After reading The Spirit of Cumberland article in the March 2012 TrainsMag I decided to join this forum. The topic of rail vehicle maintenance and engineering is my primary interest and if anyone has any good links or resources, I would appreciate a response. Thanks. While I am particularly interested...
  • Forum Post: CSX Heritage schemes

    I think that CSX should do all the predecesor road schemes back though the '50's . Not only would they probably outdo UP and NS but they could also move all that paint almost 500 miles on a gallon of fuel too!!!!
  • Forum Post: RE: Alco RS 2 and RS 3's

    thank u fot avery nice link!!!!