Disposition of Chicago Great Western SD40s.

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Disposition of Chicago Great Western SD40s.

  • I did some research and all of CGW SD40s are still out there and still in service.

    In 1966 CGW ordered 9 EMD SD40s, nos 401-409. These were the largest motive power the Great Western would ever have. They were the only 6 motor (axle) units on CGW as well. They were the last power the road purchased. They did test SD45s, GP35s, and GP40s, but ended up ordering the SD40.

    (note- MRL is Montana Rail link, IMRL is I&M (Iowa & Minnesota?) Rail link, ICE is Iowa Chicago & Eastern. DME is Dakota Minnesota & Eastern)

    CGW 401 - CNW 921 - MRL 224 - IMRL 224 - ICE 224

    CGW 402 - CNW 922 - MKCX 9400

    CGW 403 - CNW 923 - MKCX 9400 - rebuilt to SD40M-3 - SP 8626 - UP 2702

    CGW 404 - CNW 924 - CLI 3002 - MRL 3002 - IMRL 221 - ICE 221

    CGW 405 - CNW 925 - CLI 3003 - MRL 3003 - IMRL 222 - ICE 222

    CGW 406 - CNW 926 - NREX 926 - MKCX 9402 - HLCX 5050 - DME 6060 - FURX 3014

    CGW 407 - CNW 927 - CLI 3004 - MRL 3004 - MRL 223 - IMRL 223 - ICE 223

    CGW 408 - CNW 928 - CLI 3001 - MRL 220 - IMRL 220 - ICE 220

    CGW 409 - CNW 929 - IMRL 225 - MRL 225
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  • That is interesting. Have you seen, or shot, any of them yourself ?

    406 has moved again and is now FURX 3014.

  • Thanks for that. I'll edit the post.

    Have I seen or shot any? Not yet, but someday.
  • Somewhere I am sure I have slides of one or more of these engines in C&NW paint .... But this is very interesting. I would have thought for sure that one or more of these engines would have been retired by now because between the CGW and the CNW they were worked VERY hard.
    So what do you suppose is the oldest completely intact remaining series of locomotives that belonged to one railroad? These CGW SD40s might be it -- can anyone think of an older one? That is, the oldest entire series of one engine model, no losses to wrecks or retirement, all still active on rosters. It would probably be a fairly small series such as this.
    Dave Nelson
  • It is amazing. CGW would work every last ounce of power out of it's F units, GP30s, and SD40s. I guess this shows how tough the EMD SD40 design was.
  • Very cool.


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  • And CGW always ran long trains behind 9000hp. One of my favorite railroads!

    (Methinks UP should do a CGW heritage unit too [:D] -- or two [swg])
  • Here's a present for every CGW fan. Ex CGW SD40 221at Byron, IL on what used to be the CGW main line!
    Other photos:

  • MRL 220 was CGW 408
    MRL 221 was CGW 404
    MRL 222 was CGW 405
    MRL 223 was CGW 407
    MRL 224 was CGW 401
    MRL 225 was CGW 409

    I have not heard of IMRL 225 coming back to MRL as MRL 220. I will have to see if I can run that down for you.
  • It looks good. You have got me thinking about looking for how many other CGW units are still out there.
    For instance, the CGW purchased 8 GP 30s and gave them numbers 201 to 208. When the CGW was merged into the C&NW they became C&NW 802 to 809, and the North Western later sent them to NREX.
    CGW GP7 120…BLT 9-51…S# 14719…CGW 120…CNW120…CNW 4337…MRL 115


  • Yes, I can confirm MRL 115 was the CGW 120.
    In addition two of the MRL GP9s are from the M&StL
    MRL 116 was M&StL 706, C&NW 706, C&NW 4507
    MRL 130 was M&StL 608, C&NW 608, C&NW 4309
  • arbfbe,
    The 110 and the 119 came over here last week to operate the SRVI. Are they, and the 3 on the SRY, (122, 124, 129), still owned by MRL ?
  • Dale, sadly, CNW scrapped the ex-CGW GP30s in the late 80s. The were going to rebuild them, but funding was never given to rebuild them.

    CGW GP7 120 was caught in the Chicago Roundhouse fire and rebuilt by EMD as a GP7/9m in 1956. when rebuilt, it was given a GP9 long hood and battery box. Well, a GP7 batterybox has louvers where CGW normally put the road numbers on its GPs, as a result, the "real" GP7, #121 had its number on the long hood, but when the 120 was rebuilt w/ some GP9 parts, there were no louvers and CGW put the number where it was on the GP30s / SD40s.

    120 became CNW 4337, and it's currently MRL 115.

    121 became CNW 4338 and in 1985 CNW traded it in to EMD (along with a bunch of other Geeps) in an order for SD50s.

    120 http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=108461

    121 http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=108463