Vacation help, please?

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Posted by K. P. Harrier on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 10:02 AM


K.P., Pat is my wife and co-conspirator, as always.  This trip will, in a way, be a celebration of 45 years of marriage.

Linda is our younger daughter.  For the past three years she's been dealing with Stage IV cancer.  I'd say that right now she's holding her own and doing what she can (she has a Ph.D. in Musicology, and is primarily writing a blog and other things--recently her blog got the attention of the BBC!).  There's not much that we can do for her directly, but if things should change and she requires parents/    grandparents to come out and help, we'd be there just as quickly as possible.  California...she lives in Lompoc; her treatments are centered around Santa Barbara, and she has her husband's family relatively (double-meaning) close by.

Not much more in plans yet--we found a quilt expo in Georgia that can be made on our way.  We can leave no earlier than May 21, and have to be back home by June 15.  




CShaveRR (Carl, 4-5):

Ah, a little bit of details goes a long ways towards understanding a family situation!

Going on forty-five years you and Pat have been married!  Great!  Marriage is a key element holding civilization together and historically when that standard is cast aside a civilization seems to for some reason disappear.

About Linda, your daughter, her sad situation seems hopeful as it presently is stable.  Cancer is a mean scourge on humanity for sure.  My sister-in-law died from it just a few years ago, so while probably of a different variant (she was a chain smoker), I can relate you and your wife’s affliction.  I hope the best for her.

Anyway, when you do get on your travels, it is hoped everyone has a super good time in both riding and off the rails!


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K.P.’s absolute “theorem” from early, early childhood that he has seen over and over and over again: Those that CAUSE a problem in the first place will act the most violently if questioned or exposed.

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