Atlantic & East Carolina Railroad

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Atlantic & East Carolina Railroad

  • Looking for information or pictures about the Atlantic & East Carolina RR that operated between Morehead City, N.C. and Goldsboro, N.C. in the 1940's & 1950's. My Father was the Express Agent on that train up to about 1952. Any help with information would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Quick search....
  • i do not have any specific help, however, wilmington, nc has a very nice museum concentrating on the atlantic coast line with exhibits and items relating to all of the south east ( north carolina receiving the most favor) so there may be material of interest to you and your family. very helpful and enthusiastic volunteer staff. money pressure is going to assure that they will have trouble holding on to the museum. see it while you can.
  • The A&EC began as the Atlantic & North Carolina prior to the War Between the States. A&NC built from the great natural harbor at Morehead [named after a A&NC founder] City to the interior. In the 1880's A&NC was taken over by the expanding Norfolk Southern[original NS] only to be released from that lease with NS's economic troubles in the early 30's.

    A&NC began independent operations with some original engines returned by NS and with some second-handers bought from outfits like DL&W and Wisconsin & Michigan. A&NC didn't fair any better than NS had, so was reorganized as A&EC in the mid-40's. They were dieselized with two F-2's[no typo...F-2]; four GE 44 tonners; a GP-7 and a Alco RS3.[Quite a power mix, eh?]

    A&EC was swallowed up by an expanding Southern in the early 50's.

    If you Google A&EC you'll find some more. For some nice early photos see if you can find Richard Prince's "Norfolk Southern", published by him in the early 70's. {you may need a second mortgage to buy it, though...)
  • Engine 9, Try this link, you will love it and it has the what you are looking for (Look up NC on the map). It may not be all complete, but it's a start.

  • "The Tabacco Belt Route"see The Historical Guide to North American Railroads,Kalmbach Publishing, page 26
    A travling man AF&AM