CN Barron Sub

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CN Barron Sub

  • I was doing some research here online and found not much of anything about the Barron Sub. I fould a few YouTube videos and that is basically it. I know quite a bit about it but I have a few questions about it. 

    A. Will be used by the Wisconsin Northern

    B. Is it being fully rebuilt from Ladysmith to Almena?

    C. Is CN also going to use it?


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  • It will be used by CN, WN has trackage rights to use a very short segment to reach the town of Barron, where there are two customers. Bell Pole & Lumber a decent customer and Jenny-O Turkey, who seems to use rail mainly to keep the truckers honest. WN used and had these rights even when the majority of the Barron Sub. was embargoed. It is being rebuilt from Ladysmith to Poskin, WI which is a couple of miles short of Almena.