Actors/famous people who like trains?

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Actors/famous people who like trains?

  • Anyone know what actors are train fans? I know Rod Stewart. I should remember others but its late and my memory is on a pillow right now. 

    Looking for co-writers for a comedy movie about trains. Must be creative and communicative and live near St.Paul, Mn.

    Modeling the "Fargo Area Rapid Transit" in O scale 3 rail.

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  • I thought Rod Stewart was a singer...

    I know Michael Gross is a rail buff and spokesperson for World's Greatest Hobby.


  • We had a thread on this not long ago - maybe somebody has a moment to root it out.

    Rod was in MR not long ago for his layout.

    I've found out that I have several rail buffs here at work that I wasn't aware of, although to be fair, most are fairly recent hires.  Still...

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  •   Most know that Niel Young (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) is part owner of Lionel Trains and father of much of their electronic systems.  The late Frank Sinartra, a member of the Train Collectors Association,  built a building on his Calf. compound that looked like a Lionel freight station and filled it with an "O" gauge model of his home town in N.J.

      Late Actor and President, Ronald Regan, was also a member of the Train Collectors Association. Some of his (and Nancy's) trains are on display at the Toy Train Museum in Strasburg.  

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  • As I believe I mentioned before....the late Jackie Gleason sure was.


  • Since we've broadened the field to all celebs, how can we forget Walt Disney and Ward Kimball.

    I'm sure there were lots of others in the original Disney crew.

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  • I seem to recall hearing that Rod Stewart is a rabid model railroader and that he frequently takes a large part of his layout/collection wherever he goes and reserves an additional hotel suite in order to set up and operate his layout for stress relief and general enjoyment whenever he is on the road.

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  • I think he does the extra room in the hotel so he can do gluing and painting in one room and then have another room to go to without having to breathe in the fumes/smells. I believe he takes kits on the road to work on in his free time, not a portable layout.

    There have been a couple of threads about this topic in the past. It can be difficult to work out who is really a model railroader or not. Over the years many celebrities were photographed visiting the Lionel factory for example, or in ads endorsing Lionel, but weren't really modellers or train collectors. I'm sure many of these things were set up by publicists for the movie studios or record labels and Lionel, and I'd guess many celebrities figured 'what the heck, I like trains OK, I get some publicity, and Lionel gives me a free train set for my kid !!'.

    For example, Jackie Gleason used a Lionel train to deliver drinks to his character Reginald Van Gleason III in a sketch (prompting his ad-lib "Booze is swell with Lionel !!") and Joe DiMaggio posed on the floor with a scale Hudson for a model RR magazine, but I don't know if beyond that either one was really a model railroader.

  • Let's not forget the late Tom Snyder of NBC News.  For a number of years Mr. Snyder hosted the Tomorrow show which came on after Johnny Carson's.  Although he wasn't an actor, per se, Mr. Snyder was in the public limelight and he made no secret of his love of trains. 

  • Speaking of Tom Snyder....


  • Eric Idle, or Michael Palin, I'm not really sure of which one, is also well-known as a trainspotter.

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  • Here is the same type of discussion from late Febuary / March there are quite a few mentioned in the thread.



    Eric Idle, or Michael Palin, I'm not really sure of which one, is also well-known as a trainspotter.


    It's Michael Palin. He has hosted numerous documentaries and things on travel. The majority being by rail.


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  • There's also Spencer Christian, who is a railfan, along with being a wine officinado.  He used to be the weather man on Good Morning, America and also was the host of PBS' Tracks Ahead.


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  • Blush   Vincent Price the actor use to travel across the country on trains I remember he was an accomplished chef who traded recipe ides with the chefs abroad the City Of Los Angeles and the Twenth Centrey trains. There are acouple more but I cant think of them right now   Larry

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  • Gary Coleman, Wilford Brimley, Sally Jessie Raphael


    Also we remember the great line in Sleepless in Seattle. : "My father has electric trains."