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Sunset Route Two-Tracking Updates

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Posted by K. P. Harrier on Sunday, May 14, 2017 12:25 PM

A San Gabriel Trench (CA) Situation …

… Update as of Friday, May 12, 2017

Part “A” (of A-B)

Nothing appears to have been done since MikeF90 recently photographed Walnut Grove Ave. at the eastern part of the San Gabriel Trench.  Looking west:

Looking east, with the rails crossing the street paved over.

While some project authorities publically try to put a good spin on the delay, it must be remembered UP likely schedules work some months in advance to position workers and equipment in the most efficient way, and if a contractor, etc., delays things the railroad is not going to disrupt their well-planned out work.  Perhaps whoever delayed things learned the hard way that doing such is the course of stupidity and others can’t be expected to share in that inept course.  That is K.P.’s opinion and assessment of the situation.

The Walnut Grove Ave. grade crossing looking north:

Above, K.P. in the past tended to park his vehicle in the area now blocked off by pylons on the left.

Continued in Part B

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    October, 2003
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Posted by K. P. Harrier on Sunday, May 14, 2017 12:32 PM

A San Gabriel Trench (CA) Situation …

… Update as of Friday, May 12, 2017

Part “B” (of A-B)

A westward telephoto from Walnut Grove Ave.:

Above, note the short walling on the left, just left of the laid track.  It was thought such a drainage system was new, peculiar to THIS project.  Later in the day, K.P. was elsewhere with his camera, and found the exact same thing on another trench, now built a number of years ago.  Photos in Second Section …

We now move over past San Gabriel Blvd. to Del Mar Ave. and take photos of the highly ballasted and nicely manicured track in the trench.  Looking east:

In the just above photo, note that drainage strip on each side of the trench walls’ bottom.

Looking west:

K.P. looked over the whole area somewhat quickly, but found nothing that popped out as of special interest.  Of special interest were possible signals, cantilever type hanging from the side walls or mast signals in the center of the trench.  NO signals (or future signals) have ever been found.   Surely, there will be a new signal erected somewhere!

This will conclude the series.  However, a Second Section follows.

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    October, 2003
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Posted by K. P. Harrier on Sunday, May 14, 2017 12:35 PM

Second Section

Those drainage strips are in the Alameda Corridor trench too that was built some years ago.  (See right of each photo.)

So, apparently the San Gabriel Trench has used a tried and true method of drainage.

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    October, 2003
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Posted by K. P. Harrier on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 3:48 PM

Two News Items:  One Enlightening, One Not So Good

First, the Highway 347 Future Overpass, Maricopa, AZ

It is unknown when the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) put the information on its website, but the planned overpass over the Sunset Route in Maricopa now is projected to “begin [in] late 2017” and finish in 2019.  So, the start of the project has been moved from mid-2017 to towards the end of the year.  Unless something else unexpected develops, it probably is a safe bet that the long awaited construction will begin in late 2017.

The link to the above ADOT material:

Second, the Item Not So Good

A sister magazine to TRAINS is Astronomy.  Some years back K.P. created a thread in that magazine’s forums involving the Mount Palomar observatory (200-inch telescope) here in Southern California, not too terribly far from Oceanside.

Last week that thread was checked on after neglect for a number of years.  It was discovered Astronomy had done away with ALL their forums.  So, all the money and effort in behalf of stargazers was for nothing!  So, since TRAINS Magazine is a sister of Astronomy, we have a negative track record to consider.

TRAINS Associate Editor Brian Schmidt said in another thread that there currently are no plans to do away with the TRAINS Magazine’s forums PROVIDED we all remain civilized. (See below from “Super Bad News – Brace Yourselves! No More Forums Coming?” thread.)

Brian Schmidt

Folks, there are no plans to close the Trains Magazine forums now, as long as they remain relatively trouble free. If you want to ensure the long-term survival of the forums, then you all need to take a role in them. Post quality content. That means your own thoughts and ideas, and not mindlessly sharing links to other sites without any description or context. Be respectful of each other. That means to discuss the ideas and not the people who present them. Ignore obvious trolls. That means just what it says.

But, the indelible Kalmbach track record is now there for all to see.  Thus, K.P. will no longer post with zeal in any thread of any Kalmbach forum.  A photo or two now and then may be posted as visual aids, but the zeal and gusto won’t be there.

CP SP747 BLAISDELL, east of Yuma, AZ, May 31, 2015

K.P. was (“was”) visualizing a trip to Arizona soon to see if any target signals had been converted to the color light type yet (in light of the Positive Train Control deadline), and possibly going all the way to Santa Teresa, NM (by El Paso, TX) to photograph a few ‘three headed’ signals missed last time.  Also, an effort to find the mysterious missed signal from last time in the Buckeye area (west of Phoenix) was envisioned.  But, all that is now super doubtful.  Money rather may be spent to experience the total solar eclipse in Nebraska in August instead, and see Union Pacific’s triple-track line there.  But, who knows what the future may bring …

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Posted by eolesen on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 8:22 AM
It's unfortunate, but many sponsored forums like this are becoming obsolete in favor of Facebook and Google Groups.

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