San Diego & Arizona Eastern Questions and Discussion

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San Diego & Arizona Eastern Questions and Discussion
Posted by Fred M Cain on Wednesday, December 06, 2017 11:11 AM


Does anybody know anything about this or have an update on it?:


That news is a little over a year old.  Does anybody have or know an update on this?  Is this still a "go"?


Fred M. Cain

Big P.S. here:  Here's another page describing the project:



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Posted by K. P. Harrier on Thursday, December 07, 2017 8:42 AM

When Union Pacific signals the track from the Sunset Route at Niland southward down to El Centro, and westward on the Plaster City, I’ll become a believer.  The map you, Fred, linked to in your inquiry gave me NO confidence whatsoever in the new line effort.  Now, if the map had listed five or six shipping big money centers, such a railroad would make sense.  Personally, I wouldn’t hold your breath on the effort, and seriously doubt anything will ever result.  At this point in time, I no longer have any confidence the UP will finish two-tracking of the Sunset Route in Arizona.  If the Goat Trestle route was for real, one would think that would be an incentive for UP to finish two-tracking the Sunset Route in Arizona, but that effort seems to be going bye-bye now.

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Posted by Fred M Cain on Thursday, December 07, 2017 9:13 AM



Thanks for responding.  I was really wondering about all this.  Searching on Google news there were a lot of online articles posted in June of 2016.  Some had titles like "Rebuilding the Desert Line Set to Begin" or "Construction Ready to Start" etc., etc., etc.

Then the whole issue seemed to completely fall out of the news again.  Finally, after much searching I found an article from San Diego from Feb. of this year that purported to state that the Metropolitan Transit Authority (or whatever it's called in S.D.) was supposedly "holding up the permitting process".  HUH?  What?  That was almost 10 months ago!


I sent an e-mail to the Baja California Railroad using their online contact form.  So far they have not responded.  I would just LOVE to see this project move forward.  Unfortunately, I have to agree with you.  I can't help but feel REALLY skeptical about it.

The whole thing reminds me of a similar project in northern California to restore the old NWP railroad to Eureka.  That issue, too, just seems to drag on and on and on - for years!  The longer these projects drag on - the less people will miss these services.  Or, worse yet, they may have even forgotton they ever existed at all!

Every once and a while someone will see the tracks deteriorating in the wilderness and wonder what they were for.  But they won't wonder very long.  After driving a few more miles all is forgotten again.

Too bad, really.


Fred M. Cain



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Posted by CMStPnP on Friday, December 08, 2017 5:29 PM

Apart from lack of traffic there are two large issues with that line.    #1 the curves are pretty tight and parts of the line do not seem to be all that stable.    #2  while the desert climate has largely preserved most of the wood trestles I think they were built for a lot lighter loads.   #3 the biggest issue, the line dips into Mexico and would require participation by Mexico in its successful operation.   Good Luck with that.   It seems in the past Mexico has used the line in an attempt to pump cash from the United States or whomever was running it.

If the line remained in the United States and was better engineered it might have a future as a connection but I can't see anyone pouring money into that line.......might even be cheaper to build a new one with better engineering.

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Posted by rdamon on Friday, December 08, 2017 8:23 PM

The Pacific Imperal Railroad was an interesting soap opera ..  lots of good stories in the San Diego Union Tribune ..

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Posted by Convicted One on Saturday, December 09, 2017 10:27 AM

While not as recent as your provided link, the following articles help to flesh out certain details as to why not everyone is brimming with enthusiasm.


Reading that, I'm not too sure that  the individuals running the show have their main interests in operating a functioning railroad

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Posted by blue streak 1 on Sunday, December 10, 2017 9:17 PM

I can't see anyone pouring money into that line.......might even be cheaper to build a new one with better engineering.

Maybe even a line parallel to I-8 until intersecting SD&AE ?_

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