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UP Heritage Unit Tracker?

  • On Memorial Day weekend I'll be taking a road trip with my father from California to Nebraska.  We're both train nuts and I'm hoping to get some railfan action in.  

    On my last road trip, by sheer luck, I looked up and noticed my old friend UP 1985 running parallel as we drove westbound out of Cheyenne!  


    I say "old friend" as UP 1989 and I had met once before...  


    Anyways my question today is, is there a tracking system/network for the Heritage locomotives?  I figure if we're driving hundreds and hundreds of miles, we might as well be sure we don't miss a rail celebrity one or two turns off the main road.  

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  • Nothing?

  • I have yet to find any sort of schedule or tracker.  I was fortunate last fall to have found "The Katy" in the Sparks NV Freight yard.  So far it is the only Heritage Locomotive I've been lucky enough to see and photograph.  This shot was taken with my Blackberry (3 megapixel), I was out and about with my daughter and had left my good camera at home.


    Scott Espin
    Railfan - Reno NV

  • Nice photos of the Rio Grande Heritage by the way.  I have that one in my N Scale locomotive collection. Cool

    Scott Espin
    Railfan - Reno NV

  • Not sure if you are familiar with Yahoo! Groups...but there is a group called "heritagelocomotives" that can be quite useful in locating heritage units.



  • Thanks Espins and Nielsen.  I'll have to check out that Yahoo Group.  


    Here's some more photos of UP 1989 with the California Zephyr:

  • Those are some great shots Mark!  I'm curious, do you know how the Rio Grande Heritage Locomotive wound up leading the California Zephyr?


    Scott Espin

    Scott Espin
    Railfan - Reno NV

  • I believe it was something about the P42's not being able to sustain power for the train.  By sheer coincidence we were in SLC the same time UP 1989 was and the dispatcher must have thought, OOoH!!  


  • great   photo   I  just  wish   they   could  paint  a  SD70ACe   in  B.N.  Green  and  black

    locomotive   photographer  of  Tacoma