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Indoor g-scale layout power

  • hi guys,

     new to g-scale. I am curently putting in a 25x60 indoor around the celing pike. It will be two seperate loops.

    imjust about ready to purchase engines and power supply. Id like to have a few questions answered.

    1- who makes a good transformer, Id like to run two diesel engines with sound on one loop and a single steam engine on the other. i dont need to have a hand held controler, and can i run a lash up without dcc.

    2- what is a good size wire for bus wires and feeders

    thanks firemanjohn

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  • Bridgewerks makes some great products,

    This seams pretty close to what you are looking for, at least for track power

    On my first layout 10'x20' I used an LGB 1amp powerpack and light guage doorbell wiring to run it worked fine, now I am smaller but using 18ga wiring similar to the wiring used for outdoor low voltage wiring systems, some parts are even using speaker wiring. (I'm still only using a 1 amp pack) but your size I wouldn't go for less than 10 amps, and 16-18 ga wiring.

       Have fun with your trains