Trainz driver edition questions

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Trainz driver edition questions

  • I just got back from Target, and I saw they had Trainz Driver Edition for $10. (is this a sim where you only sit in the "driver seat"?) What do you do with it? do you build a railroad? So, not knowing anything about train simulators, I got online and went to the website. But, I got a bit confused about all the different editions. I also seen that they have a international service pack? What is the difference between the ultimate, and the driver editions? Is the Driver edition an expansion pack? Does the Driver edition have everything and more than the ultimate? I see that the driver edtion was released in mid 2006 (If I remember right from the box)

    I am so confused....

    I am not too worried about trains looking like models or "real life" scenarios, I just want games to be "fun".



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  • Get Microsoft Train Simulator or Trainz 2006 and you will be happy Smile [:)]

    And this Trainz Driver Edition I think you can only "Drive" trains and not build routes...Is what this one is all about....I may be wrong but thats what it sounds like from here:

    In this latest installment in the Trainz series, players can experience driving a locomotive through the eyes of an engineer. Trainz: Driver Edition features a special Driver Mode with ready-to-drive routes and real-world locomotives, as well as a Railyard Mode in which players can run long haul freight services and high-speed passenger runs. With 21 interactive scenarios, Trainz: Driver Edition will thrill the would-be locomotive engineer with the sights and sounds of a real railroad. The game also ships with comprehensive driving tutorials and a full 330-page manual in PDF format.

    Providing a range of operating activities from Amtrak passenger services over the famous Marias Pass to historic narrow gauge mine and logging tours through breathtaking countrysides, Trainz: Driver Edition is sure to captivate railroad enthusiasts of all ages.


    To sum it all up...Your better off getting Trainz 2006 where you can do all that there and plus lots more as in build your own routes....Hope this helps

    J Trane
  • Thanks! I am glad I asked, as I would like to build a RR too. So it would be better to spend a bit extra and get it all, rather than getting a cheaper version and then wanting "more".


  • Yup....No problem...I like to try and answer everyones ?'s they have about the sims....

     Have a good one Smile [:)]

    J Trane
  • Hey I'v had TRS2006 sence August'06 and I'v had Microsoft Train Simulator (It crashed my computer a year after I got it (no offence to the game itself) so I got TRS2004 then now TRS2006) "Please don't get mad at meWhistling [:-^]!"  I recomend getting TRS2006 if you want to build routes (because its easier).  In MTS you have to go through a complex process(in a seprette program), but in TRS2006 you go to Surveyer and have a baseboard that you can build on and expand on. 

     P.S. Please excuse my spellingDunce [D)].

  • Yup....2006 is the best way to go....If ya get it I can hook ya up with a lot of nice stuff...Cool [8D]
    J Trane
  • Help! I have trainz 2006 and i have lost all my drivers. cant get em back
  • What is on the cover of MSTS??  and what is on the cover of Trainz: railroad simulator 2006??  thank you very much.  I am having a hard time finding the right one that is the best.  thanks again.
  •  macinvilas wrote:
    Help! I have trainz 2006 and i have lost all my drivers. cant get em back

    Have you looked in the edit section in Surveyor?  And maybe go to the DLS and just dl some new ones.  Or try some forums, or these guys ao prttey good.  Trainzstation has both TRS and KRS.  RRmods is mostly TRS but I think he is getting some Kuju (KRS) stuff going.

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