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Train Simulators

  • I have been looking for a while now and found two train simulators that I cannot make a decision over. They are Railworks 2, and Trainz 2012. Anyone know which one would be a better choice, or has better features? Thanks!


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  • Trainz 2012 really isn't very good. If you go Trainz go 2010.

    That is' s Eastern Kentucky 3 in Trainz 2010. It won't run in TS12 because of 12's "Speedtrees" which aren't very good. EK3 shows what Trainz should be.

    Railworks is nice but lacks credible physics.

    Railworks freeware "Bay of Quinte".

    Railworks is pretty. Railworks is harder to get content in the game than Trainz. I like Trainz because it has 1870's equipment.

    Trainz also has American narrow gauge both two and three foot.


    Edit: Since both can be had for the cost of an HO boxcar, I would suggest you try both. Flighsim Pilot Shop has Railworks for $20.00 which will upgrade to Railworks2 for free and Trainz 2010 can be had for less than $20

  • Okay, I appreciate the feedback, thanks!


  • A fun sim is Open Rails if you just want to run trains over realistic routes. It uses the Microsoft Train Simulator assets and routes. It is an open source project.

    It updates the MSTS graphics. Too bad it is stuck with the MSTS route editor. I find it is a lot of fun to run trains.

    Open Rails has upped the cost of MSTS so it isn't cheap.


  • I use Open Rails whenever I can. I don't care for Trainz or Railworks. Sometimes I'll even run the original Microsoft Train Simulator routes which are terrible compared to the payware and the freeware routes on