Contact Form Borken; Need to Delete My Account

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Contact Form Borken; Need to Delete My Account

  • Hi, I'm trying to delete this account (I want to lower my digital footprint) but the link provided at is broken. Could someone please tell me who to email to delete my account? I kinda need to do it urgently

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  • bump

  • I just went to that link and instructions are there. Follow them.



  • no no no go back to to the page. The instructions provide you with a link to contact them and have your account removed. The link redirects to an error page when you click it.

  • So someone obviously noticed this thread and fixed the 'contact us' link, but guess what? It's a form I already tried two weeks ago and I've gotten no response. What the hell am I supposed to do? Doesn't this forum have moderators? Where the heck are they?