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  • In June I will be going to my home town of Philadelphia Pa for a Visit and hopefully I can capture some moments of AMTRAK's New Engines  and SEPTA "s SIlverliner V's I want to get some photos of them so bad I can taste it Its a shame all of the AEM-7's are gone But it seemd to me they could go on forever and I do want to get some AMTRAK & SEPTA push-pull shots the best time is the morning and evening Rush hour Frankford Junction was my old stomping grounds but unfortunately its fenced off but was ideal fro railfanning back in the day

    Fred M Pohl My wife Carolyn and my Son Fred M Pohl JrPhoto by Robert M Allen




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  • Siemens announces new servicing facility in Delaware to remotely monitor and do some maintenance on both ACS-64s & SC-44s ?