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The Train magazine index appears broken

  • I'm not sure if this has been raised already elsewhere, but the Train Magazine index search leads to an error page. And the link on the Train Magazine index main page to leave feedback also leads to an error page. Has this been explained already? 

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  • Just to be clear, this is the page I'm talking about:

    And at the bottom, where it says...

    Comments or questions? Let us know what you think!

    Clicking on "Feedback" leads to a Runtime Error page.
  • I have seen a similar discussion at times but in the Model Railroader, General Discussion forum  but it works fine. I copied your url.



  • The URL works fine, it's the search that is broken. I put a simple term in the search window and click search and it takes me to this:

    I will look in the General Discussion forum over at the Model Railroader side of the discussions.

  • It has been broken for about two weeks. We reported it to online publishing and it is somewhere in the line to be looked at some future date.

    Bob Keller

  • Thank you. I appear to have missed the earlier notice.