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Penticton, B.C.

  • I've been living in Penticton for just over two years. I know that Canadian Pacific pulled out of here in 1989 but nobody I've talked to doesn't really know why. Was it lack of customers between Penticton and Spences Bridge? I have a second question that being if there were any customers that Canadian Pacific served between Penticton and Midway?

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  • Hope it's been a good four months... the line to Penticton befell the same fate as the line from the east to Midway. The only major customer between Midway and Penticton was the mine at Beaverdell. Penticton and Midway mainly shipped forest products, and with a series of highway rebuilds in the 70s and 80s, freight gradually moved to trucks. Relaxed regulation in the late 80s also made it easier to abandon branchlines, and CP axed a LOT during the 90s.

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