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Hallo from sunny South Africa

  • Hi guys. 

    My name is Riekus and I live in Benoni South Africa. I used to model mainly HO scale and European. So I was a bit of a Marklin fanatic. I guess I still am. About three years ago I started sniffing at Gauge 1. It is expensive stuff, so I am going relatively slowly hehehehe. Plan is to build a 20m by 11m layout. I am in the process of scratchbuilding buildings and stuff. In the meantime I am busy fiddling with decoders and smokers and what not. Friday last week I purchased my first live steam locomotive. A SAR class23 in 3.5". Fetching it tomorrow. I am so excited. It is a big machine. 2.2m long and wet, weighs in at 300kg. 

    I guess I will figure out how to post pics and keep you fellows updated.

    I also need to be honest. I joined for ulterior motives. But more of that later. I still need to decide whether I want to blow the whistle or not. As these things go, I joined and browsed through the topics and suddenly the day was halfway gone. 

    So, that's that. I hope to learn a lot here. Hehehehe, I have a funny feeling the big steamer is going to have a timing problem. So to the technical guys on here.....I might press on a button or two.


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  • Welcome.

    You might consider the "Model Railroad" forums. General, layouts and DCC forums. This forum gets little use. Take time to look through all the forums here. Many different forums. New people some time post in the first forum they see.