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Need info on old KBN Electric Trolley Car

  • Hi Folks. I am new to the site and just recently acquired this item. I don't know anything about it and am having trouble finding any specific detail on when it was made. Have found some sites that talk a bit about the German company KBN. Any help would be most appreciated. I have the top of the original box only with a train graphic, and written in German, English and French is Electric Railway. There is just the 1 trolley car, track and a Little Jeff Transformer box. The paint on the trolley car is worn and the headlight bulb is missing. But, yeah, it does actually work and will go around the track. The Little Jeff transformer has cloth covered wire and a porcelain piece where the cord goes into the transformer. I could find pics of various KBN trains, but no trolleys. Hoping someone out there is familiar with this one. Pics can be provided. Thanks
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  • Welcome. You stand a better chance of getting help in the Classic Toy Trains or the Model Railroad forums. Newcomers frequently come to this forum since by its title it seems like a general discussion site. It is not, and it sees little activity. Most of the general discussion (full size trains) takes place in the Trains Magazine forum.


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