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H10-44 Hallmark Models Fix

  • Hello! This is my first discussion so bear with me! I had a Hallmark models h10-44 but knocked it off my display shelf!SurpriseTongue Tied So the axle or tubing that held the back truck by the motor in is completely dismantled. the old piece of tubing is gone, so i found another that i can possibly cut. Could anyone help? Or if anyone has one to show me the inside? if you go to flickr and look up hallmark models H10-44 you will see the dismantled train! thanks! alex

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  • Alex,, welcome to the world of Kalmbach!

    You may have noticed that there are several forums available for posting--and one of the model railroad forums may well be the better one for you to use when posting your question, since not many people visit this forum.


  • Welcome. If you look through the forums, the forum you want for this is the Model Railroader forum, General discussion. Some new people miss the forum structure. Sometimes a photo is a big help. That forum has instructions for posting pictures.


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