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Regarding trains

  • Hello All

    good morning

    I am planning to assemble a locomotive on my own. I need to buy wheels for locomotive. So where can buy it. also do i need to buy motor separately ? is there a locomotive wheel set fitted with motor for plug and play .. please advice. I need to buy a locomotive wheel set without upper body so that i can build an indian locomotive out of it. Any help or online links to buy would be really helpfull.

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  • Welcome.

    You left out important info.

    Have you looked through all the forums. This is probably not the correct one.

    Scale, Steam or diesel? What is an indian locomotive?

    Not many locos are plug and play motor.


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  • Hello Sir

    It should be diesel or electric and indian locomotives refers to trains being run in india

    So i need a powered chasis alone so that i can build the locomotive body all by myself


  • What locomotive types?  Manufacturer, Model number, 

    What scale?  N (1/160), HO (1/87), British O (1/43), American O (1/48), other?

    What rail gauge?  Broad (5'-6"), Standard (4'-8.5"), Meter, Narrow (3-6", 3'-0", 2'-6")

    Do you have some photos you can post?

    I Googled "Indian Model Locomotives" and clicked IMAGES - Found sites with with photos and videos of models based on Indian prototypes.

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