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Maglev coming to Baltimore and DC?


    Don - Specializing in layout DC->DCC conversions

    Modeling C&O transition era and steel industries There's Nothing Like Big Steam!

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  • At least these people seem to have advantages over the dreamers who want HSR between Las Vegas and SoCal.  That said, I'll stand aside, until the bulldozers start to push dirt.  (Not holding my breath.)


  • Living in the path of the "Maglev", I do not understand it's purpose besides destroying homes, churches and towns.  How many passengers travel between Baltimore and Washington?  Only commuters (I am one).  This project is a clear example of taxpayers hard earned money going to waste.  I guess this is an attempt to shutdown AMTRAK and MARC, well I doubt few if any people will ride the magnetic elephant when they see the ticket price. 

  • I won't hold my breath until this becomes operational.

  • Balt, if this matter is the determining factor in the length of our lives, you and I may live many more years.